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Walking in Romania

We spent eight enjoyable days in June with Iulian, hiking and touring in and about Brasov . It was our first trip to Romania . Our knowledge of the Romanian language is very little. With Iulian’s help, we were able to see more, do more, and go more places with less hassle, less confusion and more enjoyment. By knowing the area and the resources well, Iulian suggested alternatives to limitations imposed by the weather, our gear and our abilities. Iulian is value oriented and an effective negotiator. He is personable, helpful, and knowled… (>>>)

Walking tour in Maramures county

Reference for Iulian Cozma from Matthew LaCompte: My wife, Helen, and I had a great experience hiking and traveling with Iulian Cozma in Romania. We spent 8 days with him from May 27, 2005 until June 4, 2005. For the first 3 days we had a wonderful time hiking in the Fagaras Mountains. Iulian’s knowledge and expertise in the mountains were extremely impressive and he really made sure that we were comfortable and safe during our mountain hikes. He also discussed knowledgeably the flora and fauna we encountered. We were fortunate to see be… (>>>)

German hikers in Fagaras mountains

In July 2004 we have been hiking in the Fagaras Mountains with Iulian Cozma for five days. Both my friend and myself are beginners in mountaineering and have almost no experience? except for skiing in well prepared skiing resorts in the Alps. To cut it short: from the organization and communication in the beginning to the actual trip, it was an absolutely fantastic and valuable experience. The first two days Iulian chose smaller and less difficult tracks for “warming up” and getting used to the mountains. Then we traversed from one cha… (>>>)

Swiss hikers in Romania

Looking for splendid views? Aiming at climbing to the top, hiking to lonely places, enjoying the feeling of breathing fresh air? Then go hiking in the Romanian Carpathians! In summer 2003, we enjoyed hiking the ridge trail in the Fagaras mountains. During the 5-day hike, we could let float our mind, forget the daily routine and of course, we got a lot of new impressions. Although the ridge hike may not be underestimated we mastered all challenges without troubles – not least because we could always count on our mountain guide Iulian Coz… (>>>)

Fagaras ridge traverse

A wonderful combination of good walking, interesting wildlife, spectacular scenery and culture. Iulian proved to be the best possible guide – thoughtful, selfless, organised and highly knowledgeable and informative. Don’t go to the Fagaras Mountains without him!

William Stock, England, August 2003, Fagaras Mountains main ridge, from Urlea Chalet to Bircaciu Chalet… (>>>)

Hiking in Fagaras mountains

Hiking the Fagaras Mountains is like entering in a world of natural beauty. Even with an average altitude of only a little more than 2000 meters the mountains are sometimes rough. Beginning at the hilly part in the east, you sonly let the last trees behind you and reach the ridge, from where you can almost see (with a little imagination) the whole trail. Hiking the ridge trail is an extraordinary experience. On the right there are the steep valleys on their bottom you can see the mountain villages (in Romania the mountain villages are appa… (>>>)

Hiker from Canada visiting Romania

I should begin by describing how I came to meet Iulian. I was travelling alone in Romania, and at this point in my trip I was at the beginning of a three-day hike in the Fagaras Mountains. We met at the Simbata Chalet. It seems that Iulian had been hired by two young men from France, and from what I understood through conversation with them, I learned that they had hired Iulian as a guide for the full duration of their trip in Romania. Iulian took care of all the planning, lodging and meals and on top of that, he had extensive experience hiking in t… (>>>)

Hiking in Fagaras mountains

I went in Romania during three weeks, in August and September 2001. I get in touch with Iulian by e-mail, and we planed the tour together. I decided to be with him during the first ten days, with a friend of mine.We agreed that all the accommodation, the meals and the information would be provided by Iulian. The first five days, we hiked in Fagaras mountains from chalet to chalet. During this trek, we rose to the higher pick of Romania (Moldoveanu peak, 2543 m).The five last days were devoted to visit the most interesting places of Transylva… (>>>)

Randonnée en Roumanie

Merci de nous avoir mis en relation avec Iulian Cozma; il nous a été pour nous quatre un guide parfait, en premier lieu au plan de la randonnée en montagne mais aussi aux plans des visites culturelles et des contacts avec la population du pays. N’hésitez pas à la recommander pour de tels programmes.

Merci encore. Yves Gonnord, J.F. Laurensberge, France, august 2001… (>>>)

I have no hesitation in recommending both the country and Iulian as a guide

I was very pleased to be asked to write this recommendation. I “discovered” Iulian via his website and all our communication was by email. I led a party of 11 for a four day trip to Romania with the emphasis on walking. Iulian was not only an experienced mountain guide. He stayed with us from morning until night and he was enormously helpful in enabling us to avoid all the pitfalls of travel in a genuinely foreign country. He arranged to meet us at the airport with a minibus, took us to the good accommodation he had arranged and stayed with us in … (>>>)