German hikers in Fagaras mountains

In July 2004 we have been hiking in the Fagaras Mountains with Iulian Cozma for five days. Both my friend and myself are beginners in mountaineering and have almost no experience? except for skiing in well prepared skiing resorts in the Alps. To cut it short: from the organization and communication in the beginning to the actual trip, it was an absolutely fantastic and valuable experience. The first two days Iulian chose smaller and less difficult tracks for “warming up” and getting used to the mountains. Then we traversed from one chalet to the other. The mountains are fantastic, it is hard, if not impossible, to describe the beauty of the nature in the Carpathian Mountains. It is untouched nature in its original sense. We can recommend it to anyone who wants to combine a beautiful scenery with great hiking routes. It was only possible to enjoy the trip as much, because Iulian guided us in a professional way. Which does not mean, that we didn´t relax. The whole trip was big fun with quite some laughs. When we came down to the valley on the last day, we almost directly ended up in a outdoor swimming pool of the small city. This is what we call a perfectly organized trip

Martin Bardeleben (28), Hamburg and Torsten Linz (28), Berlin