Unsere MTB-Saison 2019 war ein Knaller

Our 2019 mtb season was a blast

Many say that the 2019 season marked the end of an era for the various leisure industries, including adventure tourism. Well, if this will be the case, we can honestly say that we ended this said era with a bang. Our 2019 mountain biking season was a brilliant one. Check it out in this short video round-up:

We’ve had some exquisite custom short tours: Daniel, coming from Sweden, open the party in April. Monika and her friends drove to Romania for a longer trip, out of which four days were reserved for mountain biking. Sam flew all the way from New Zealand to Romania to cheer for his daughter at a rowing youth world championship, and decided that mountain biking on the Carpathian trails would be a good idea. (It was.) Alex called on his father and his cousin to gather a party of three for a custom enduro ride up in Bucegi and Piatra Craiului. And finally, we left with Omer the first tracks in the snow in October 2019.

Our classic week-long tours were as successful as ever. Some joyful Dutch lycra mountain bikers came for the Bucegi Circuit, making the most of a proper mountain experience. The rough and rugged Transylvanian Alps tour was honoured by an ad-hoc combination of German riders, featuring Franka, a 14 years old girl mountain biker. Kudos to her! And there was also a Carpat MTB Enduro trip, with guests from Sweden, Germany and Switzerland.

There was also some exploring to be done, like a more technical option of the Strunga Pass descent, and, to end it all with the icing on the cake, the two-days adventure at Bârcaciu hut, în Făgăraș mountains.

Here is a photo gallery with our amazing guests from 2019, hoping to see the 2020 version with as many shiny, happy faces!


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