Skitourensaison in Rumänien, Winter 2020


Ski touring season in Romania, 2020 winter

The 2019-2020 skiing season was, to put it mildly, a weird one. It started with a very long and warm autumn, delaying the first snow up the mountains for the end of December. It continued with a cold but dry January, followed by a warm and rainy (when not dry) February and March. We were still hoping for some good snow later in March or April, two months that are normally rather good for ski touring at higher altitudes in the Carpathian Mountains. What we got, however, was the Covid-19
pandemic, with victims exceeding 100,000 worldwide, with locked borders, quarantined individuals, sky rocketing unemployment, especially in leisure-related industries.

In hindsight, we can say we’ve had a rather good season, and that is – as always – mainly thanks to our special guests. We wish them all a swift exit out of the pandemic, ready to plan their next adventures.

Here is a gallery of photos taken in various tours during January, February and early March 2020. Thank you Vincent, Carmen, Alexandra, Martin, Juergen, Michael, Brian, Odysseas, Valerie, Pascal, Benoit, Jerome, Claudia, Andreas, Betina and not the last, Octavian!

See you on next years and with a lot of powder!

Iulian Cozma

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