Simple: powder splitboarding in Carpathian mountains

At the beginning of our tour, Bucegi mountains were just a big desert, without sand, sorry, snow! But at least was blue sky!

Second day, the same blue sky, but we manage to find some nice powder for some long lines!
Well, then we had a situation, meaning a snow storm came over Bucegi, and true winter finally arrived in Carpathian mountains.
After we traverse Dudele mountains, from Bucegi to upper parts of Moeciu de Sus mountain village, in true snow storm, we had a really big surprise: at least 50-70 cm of fresh powder snow, untouched, was there just for us, and especially for Michael, a experienced snowboarder from Amplid, who earn his turns on this Transylvanian powder…..God, how nice was to see him flying over the powder!

After a nice dinner in Simon village, we go back to our hills from Moeciu de Sus mountain village, to meet the free riders from Bucharest, good friends from our last escape of Urban freeriding session, from some years ago. And was a impressive day as well!

Bottom line: Bianca, many thanks for being so patient with us, I forget to tell that Bianca was snowshoeing, while me and Michael use ski tours and splitboard…

Enjoy the photos,
Iulian, January 2017

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