Hiking in Bucegi mountains June 2015

We spent two great days with Iulian, hiking in the Bucegi mountains. Bringing together a group of friends for an unusual hiking experience actually was not an easy task, with all the individual wishes, appointments, holiday plans, work issues and a bit of indecisiveness here and there. Iulian was a great help there, being flexible with the dates, the planning and quick in replying to any of my questions. Everyone of us four, who ended up joining the little expedition, is now really glad they did not miss it!
The trip was very well organized from the start right to the end, we could just relax and focus on the stunning views, watching cows, sheep, pink and blue flowers, and taking pictures of it all. It was really obvious that Iulian is a very experienced hiker and guide and knew exactly where to go and what to do in every situation. Also he always had several possible backup plans in his mind and could adapt to our abilities and fitness levels (higher on the first day, slightly lower on the second). And, last but not least, he was really easy to get along with and we enjoyed having him as a part of our little group. Also he sent us some great pictures he took of us during the hike, thanks a lot!

Two days was a nice start, but we hope to be back to hike some of the other rocks and mountains we saw around us.

Diana, Vienna, June 2015 – photos here