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Israeli in Romania

לפני כחודש חזרנו (קבוצה של 15 אנשים) מטיול של 12 ימים ברומניה, טיול שמטרתו הייתה לשלב בין טיולים בהרי הקרפטים היפיפיים של רומניה, לבין ביקורים באתרים ה”קלאסיים” שבערי רומניה : ברשוב, סיביו, סיגישוארה, בוקרסט. יוליאן לקח על עצמו משימה לא פשוטה, להוביל קבוצה לא קטנה של אנשים, שעברו לא מכבר את גיל הנעורים, כל אחד עם הדרישות והמגבלות שלו ועשה זאת בכישרון, דיפלומטיות , והרבה רגישות. ראינו נופים מדהימים, התארחנו בפנסיונים ובתי מלון שרמתם לא תבייש אף את אלה שבשוויץ או באוסטריה, טיפסנו לפסגות אליהן לא הינו מגיעים לעולם, אילולא היה זה עם מדריך מנו… (>>>)

climbing Moldoveanu peak in Fagaras mountains

Greetings, I recently took a rugged full two-day trekking/climbing tour (shoulda done it in three days if I had the time) with him in the Fagaras mountains and it was outstanding. I was impressed with his level of knowledge of the area as well as the fact that he very well knew many of the people that offered services in the area. At the end of the tour I felt as if the fee he charged was low for the quality of service he provided. I told Iulian exactly what I wanted to accomplish on my trip (climbing the highest mountain in Romania in a weekend) and … (>>>)

Fagaras mountains traverse July 2008

Julian Cozma has asked me to write a reference/testimonial. I can’t vouch for him as a ski guide as we went on a summer hiking trip, but I can make the following observations Organisation: Julian is THE MAN. He has good on the ground contacts. Great logistics (pickup at airport, booking of hut/refuges, ability to create a Plan B in event of sickness). Julian knows the network of huts and their managers, and is able to get flexible arrangements (he used to manage a hut himself). He also had us to stay with his granny and uncle in their village f… (>>>)

Hiking on Bucegi and Fagaras mountains – August 2008

We planned to spend two weeks in Romania as our summer holidays 2008: 1 week trekking and 1 week sightseeing in Transylvania but we didn’t want to go with one of these big tour operators, which have one guide and more than 10 guests. So we started searching on the internet for a more independent travel guide. We were really very lucky that we found Iulian’s homepage. Reading through all his offers published on his webpage, we realized that the hiking trips were either too short or too long for us. So that we asked him whether or not he could arr… (>>>)

Climbing Moldoveanu peak, the highest peak from Romania

Julian is a brilliant and patient mountain guide. He took me and my friend, both of us are mountain novices, on a 2 day mountain tour in the Fagarasch mountains. The tour was amazing, tough but very rewarding when we stood on the top of mount Moldoveanu. Julian managed to get the best out of both of us. Next time I would love to do a longer trip. I can recommend him warmly.

Brigitte and Harry, London, UK – August 2008… (>>>)

trip to Transylvania

We recently returned from an amazing hiking and cultural trip to Romania, provided in partnership with Iulian Cozma of Step by Step Agency and Bredeson Outdoor Adventures. Our lively group, informally self-named the Walkers & Talkers for our love of conversation and hiking, travels together every year, and this year’s adventure brought us to Transylvania. Iulian provided us with a truly unique insider’s view of Romania, leading us in village to village hikes across a beautiful, almost medieval landscape. We enjoyed the con… (>>>)

We spent three memorable days in the city of Brasov and Fagaras Mountains this summer

Our share was to select these places, all the remaining was taken care by Iulian. He actively proposed the time schedules and chose the hiking paths which fitted perfectly to our expectations and to the level of our ability. This must indicate superb guide skills. Iulian is also an inexhaustible source of knowledge what comes to the local region and the whole Romania. We also noted that he is an excellent photographer. Iulian took pictures all along the hiking trip and created from the pictures an enjoyable diary telling the twists and … (>>>)

Fagaras mountains traverse

I have been on two trips with Iulian. One last July involving day trips to the mountains, villages and fortified churches around Brasov, and this July on a hut to hut trip in the Fagaras range. It is difficult to imagine how a mountain guide could be better than Iulian. He is completely trustworthy and professional in terms of looking after your safety, organising your trip, dealing with the money aspects and generally everything you would expect of a guide. He is very knowledgeable about the region and on subjects such as natural histor… (>>>)

Tour in Bucegi mountains, Piatra Craiului mountains and Fagaras mountains, visiting Ucea de Sus village

Together with four friends we trekked with Iulian for a week in the Bucegi, Piatra Craiului and Fagaras mountains. Over the last ten years we have done such walks in other mountains in Europe and this was the first time we used a guide. Iulian prepared our whole trip in Romania, including hotel and transportation in Bucharest and a concluding visit to Brasov. All arrangements worked out according to plan and exceeded our expectations. Iulian has everything that you expect from a good guide. He knows every track and every ridge of the mou… (>>>)

Family walking in Romania

We first planned to stay 3 days in the Fagaras Mountains part of a one week trip in Transylvania. We were looking for easy trekking as we traveled with our 2.5-years old daughter and my husband had to carry her (over 13 KG). I contacted Iulian via his web page and agreed with his advise to spend 3 days in Balea Lake region. As soon as we met with him, our daughter adopted him, which is the best sign! Iulian advised us “easy” tracks and help us a lot to climb the first day (he also carried part of our belongings). This day was just fantastic, nice weat… (>>>)