Fagaras mountains traverse July 2008

Julian Cozma has asked me to write a reference/testimonial. I can’t vouch for him as a ski guide as we went on a summer hiking trip, but I can make the following observations Organisation: Julian is THE MAN. He has good on the ground contacts. Great logistics (pickup at airport, booking of hut/refuges, ability to create a Plan B in event of sickness). Julian knows the network of huts and their managers, and is able to get flexible arrangements (he used to manage a hut himself). He also had us to stay with his granny and uncle in their village farm, which was charming and great window on Romanian peasant culture. Mountain skills: Julian has excellent mountaincraft and has a strong command of location technology (GPS etc). He is a good leader able to reconcile the (sometimes) conflicting desires of clients of varying abilities. he did not push us very hard but from what he told me, he’s ready to do considerably more challenging expeditions if clients have the balls for it. Language/culture: Julian has good English and good exposure to gringos so he has a broad range of conversation for those long evenings in the hut. (He used to work in TV as an editor/producer). He is a thoughtful and intelligent guy able to give a general panorama of Romanian culture and he understands how/where mountain guiding fits into the economy of mountain regions. Netnet: I felt safe but not overmanaged, and he represents good value for money and is as good a guide as you would find anywhere to spend a week with — and I use a lot of guides, both for fly fishing and in the mouuntains. Romania was great!

Richard House, Director, Celebrand Ltd, London, UK – July 2008