climbing Moldoveanu peak in Fagaras mountains

Greetings, I recently took a rugged full two-day trekking/climbing tour (shoulda done it in three days if I had the time) with him in the Fagaras mountains and it was outstanding. I was impressed with his level of knowledge of the area as well as the fact that he very well knew many of the people that offered services in the area. At the end of the tour I felt as if the fee he charged was low for the quality of service he provided. I told Iulian exactly what I wanted to accomplish on my trip (climbing the highest mountain in Romania in a weekend) and he set the schedule accordingly – he was also very communicative during the whole process for a month before the tour. I am an avid outdoorsman and am an amateur photographer and he even spent much of the time giving advice on outdoor photography; as a result many of my photos were fantastic. He knew the area well enough to know how long it would take to get to certain areas and what the light might be like at that time. Beyond all that he was extremely personable and a great conversationalist.

Mike Eubanks, USA- September 2008