Wanderung im Bucegi-Gebirge , Süd-Ost- Karpaten, Rumänien

Hiking trip in Bucegi mountains, South East Carpathian, Romania

Best way to get fit for a wedding party on the other side of the world? Three good days of proper mountain hiking through all kind of weather, from mild spring to full-winter blizzards and thunder-storm pouring snow.

Maybe that wasn’t exactly what our two Canadian friends had in mind when they asked us to help organize a few days of hiking in the Carpathian Mountains, to fill in some vacation days before joining some friends‘ wedding. But that’s definitely what they’ve got on their plates, and they totally enjoyed it.

The Bucegi Mountains were still wearing the winter-collection outfits, with cool temperatures, euphoric snow-falls and some sunny intermissions. All in all a full-mountain experience, plenty of reasons to brag about at the wedding party!

Horia, May 2016

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