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Wandern in der rumänischen Landschaft

Nick war 2008 und 2009 in Rumänien gewandert. Und seitdem standen wir immer mal wieder in Kontakt, trafen uns vor einigen Jahren sogar auf einen Drink in London. Und 2019 planen wir eine weitere Tour, diesmal für Nick, Louise und die Mädels!

Aber der Covid ändert unsere Pläne und wir haben die Tour um mehr als ein Jahr verschoben! Aber das Warten hat sich gelohnt, denn die Tour war eine 4-Saison-Tour: Wir hatten Sommer-, Herbst- und Winterwetter und das alles eine Woche lang!

Die Tour beginnt in Sinaia und Predeal, schöne Waldspaziergä… (>>>)

Wandern in Rumänien, Siebenbürgen

Jede Tour in Rumänien muss einen Rundgang beinhalten, besonders wenn Sie von einer Insel wie Teneriffa kommen!

Die Wanderungen führten hauptsächlich in den schönen Wäldern Siebenbürgens, in den Gebieten Sinaia, Brasov und Zarnesti. Wir verstehen, dass die meisten Gruppen, die wir führen, sich für die Natur interessieren, die anders ist als in den Heimatländern. Und wir hatten in den meisten Situationen recht!

Die besten Aussichten hatten wir während unseres Spaziergangs im Postavaru-Gebirge in der Nähe der Stadt Brasov. Wu… (>>>)

Schneeschuhtour in den Bucegi Bergen

For all the mountain lovers from everywhere in the world: you can trust Iulian and his team-mates to make you live an unforgettable experience in Romanian Carpates. Me, and 9 of my French friends, asked to Iulian a 1 day hiking tour in snowshoes. His knowledge of the mountain and his good feeling with people made us having a perfect day. He knows how to adapt the route to the fitness level of the participants. He succeed to delight the most sporty people of the group, but in the same time the less trained from us. The contact and the reactivity … (>>>)

Einfach: Pulver Splitboarding in Karpaten

At the beginning of our tour, Bucegi mountains were just a big desert, without sand, sorry, snow! But at least was blue sky!

Second day, the same blue sky, but we manage to find some nice powder for some long lines! Well, then we had a situation, meaning a snow storm came over Bucegi, and true winter finally arrived in Carpathian mountains. After we traverse Dudele mountains, from Bucegi to upper parts of Moeciu de Sus mountain village, in true snow storm, we had a really big surprise: at least 50-70 cm of fresh powder snow, untouched, was th… (>>>)

Rumänien erkunden, Berge und Kultur genießen

In brief, it was like this: we all enjoyed a two week tour in Romania, yes in Romania, meaning that we explored half of the country, driving, walking and tasting delicious food! In detail, we were in Bucharest, Sinaia, Bucegi mountains, Simon mountain village, Brasov city, Fagaras mountains, Balea Lake, Ucea de Sus village, Sibiu, Sighisoara, Gura Humorului and painted monasteries from that area and finally back to Bucharest. It was a tour with all the necessary ingredients, sun, some rain, lovely landscapes, good jokes and most im… (>>>)

Langlaufen in den Siebenbürgen

Habitués des raids à ski nordique ou alpin sous (presque) toutes les latitudes, nous souhaitions cette fois explorer les Carpates roumaines. Nous n’en connaissions guère plus que les créatures fantastiques qui peuplent notre imaginaire collectif quand on évoque la Transylvanie.

Il nous fallait donc trouver un guide local. Nous avons découvert ton site, cher Iulian, et avons été séduits par le professionnalisme qui s’en dégageait. Après quelques échanges efficaces qui ont confirmé notre première impression, nous avons sign… (>>>)

Langlaufen in Rumänien, Bucegi Berge

I did a lot of ski tours in Romanian Carpathians, but now is time to explore a new type of skiing, cross country skiing, with a very nice group of French skiers! I was surprised how light and how strong were the skis, how fast you can climb, and how hard is to ski. But all in one was fun and a nice week.

Not too much snow indeed, but for our skis, the snow was just enough and we were able to traverse Bucegi mountains, from Sinaia to Moeciu de Sus mountain village.

The second part of our trip was planed in Piatra Craiului national park, but instead skiin… (>>>)

Bucegi durchqueren, Alte Grenze wandern

When a Australian couple want to go home, they still travel. This was doing Zac and his friends, at the end of three years stay in UK. They were going home travelling from country to country, and they stop for few days hiking in Bucegi mountains, South East of Transylvania. Weather was fantastic, and our traverse of Bucegi was done smoothly and dry! Enjoy the photos, Iulian, Sept 2016

I would highly recommend this company. Iulian provided for us a personalized itinerary of hiking through the Transylvanian mountains and villages. The sc… (>>>)

CAI Mirano auf einer Reise nach Siebenbürgen

Ciao Iulian, grazie per la bellissima settimana (10-16 luglio 2016) che con gli altri amici del Club Alpino Italiano abbiamo trascorso con te in Transilvania. Luoghi meravigliosi, ospitalità cordiale e, specialmente, la tua ottima capacità di condurre il gruppo e di provvedere ad ogni nostra necessità, con una disponibilità e un’attenzione davvero eccezionali. Spero si possa combinare per qualche altra avventura insieme, ancora sui Carpazi o magari sul delta del Danubio. A presto dunque, buona montagna e buona vita! G(>>>)

Erforschen Siebenbürgen, Bucegi und Piatra Craiului Berge

Was the first snow from this year, but we were not scared about it. We were hiking in Bucegi mountains and Piatra Craiului national park, on snow, sun and beautiful weather. They came from Luxembourg, being hiking on other different places before this trip. And, as almost always, Mike, Dan and their friends were surprised by our mountains, and not by our food. We were welcomed by Mircea and Doina Opris in Bucegi mountains, and by Alina from Simon mountains village. Our trips went smooth and calm, enjoying the views, the landscape and all … (>>>)