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Testimonial Louise Shaxson, walking family tour in Romania

But we are full of memories of Romania and the wonderful time we had, so expertly guided by you.  I’d seen the photos but hadn’t appreciated the big skies and enormous trees: those are the two images that have really stuck with me.  And the food!  That was all such a treat.  Thanks for all the effort you put into making it such a spectacular trip for all of us, for keeping that dog away from us, for the debates about heating, Brexit and Cecil Rhodes, for ensuring that Nick stayed warm (and stylish) and for generally looking after … (>>>)

Italienische Dame, die in den Fagaras-Bergen in Rumänien wandert

Iulian grazie di aver accettato nonostante ero solo io , e stato bellissimo , i colori dei rododendri , le chiazze di neve meraviglioso, il rifugio Barcaciu molto accogliente, la doccia fuori calda , la marmellata di mirtilli raccolta un po più su tutto buonissimo, altrettanto a Podragu molto pulito pieno di giovani e stranieri desiderosi di salire su Moldoveanu , tornerò al più presto possibile!!!

Liliana Banea, November 2021

More photos here… (>>>)

Bergwanderungen in Rumänien, Fagaras Gebirge

Liliana ist eine in Rumänien geborene Dame, die seit vielen Jahren in Italien lebt und diesen Sommer versucht, eine Wandertour in den rumänischen Bergen für eine Gruppe italienischer und niederländischer Freunde zu organisieren. Leider wurde die Tour aufgrund der Pandemie-Situation abgesagt, dennoch möchte Liliana die Schönheit der Karpaten genießen.

Unsere beiden Touren waren Ende Juni in den Bergen von Fagaras wegen der Rododendron-Bergblumen und wir wählen (wie immer) das Barcaciu-Hüttengebiet im Westen von Fagaras… (>>>)

Deutsche Bergwanderer im Westen des Fagaras-Gebirges, Rumänien

Mirko and Holger choose to hike in Romanian mountains just for a weekend, on late autums days of 2019. The chosen area was Barcaciu hut in West of Fagaras, easy access from Avrig town, welcoming hosts and outstanding hikes!

And the weather was perfect, we saw Fagaras mountains on his beauty during our hike to Scara peak.

Enjoy the photos, Iulian, October 2021… (>>>)

Bergwandern in Rumänien, höchste Gipfelwanderung, Moldoveanu

Der Moldoveanu-Gipfel im Fagaras-Gebirge ist mit einer Höhe von 2544 m der höchste Gipfel in den rumänischen Bergen.

Der Gipfel liegt im östlichen Teil des Fagaras-Gebirges und ist aus allen möglichen Richtungen zugänglich, Süden, Norden, Osten und Westen, aber der spektakulärste Aufstieg des Moldoveanu-Gipfels beginnt im Westen von der Podragu-Hütte. Es gibt nur wenige Möglichkeiten, um zur Podragu-Hütte zu gelangen, die „einfache“, aber schöne, im Arpasul Mare-Tal, und nach 5-6 Stunden Wanderung erscheinen der Podrag… (>>>)

Mountainbiken in den Siebenbürgen, Rumänien

Mountain biking in the Transylvanian Alps, Romania

It was a long wait, but totally worth it. Scheduled to take place in June 2020, the Transylvanian Alps tour with a small group of brave Belgian mountain bikers finally happened in September 2021. Ciucaș, Baiului, Bucegi and Piatra Craiului Mountains offered us some unforgettable days.

The Covid pandemic might have dramatically changed the world around us, but the mountains are as beautiful as ever. The Carpathians offer some unique combination of pure alpine territory, vast areas with little to no now human presence. And loads of i… (>>>)

Unsere MTB-Saison 2019 war ein Knaller

Our 2019 mtb season was a blast

Many say that the 2019 season marked the end of an era for the various leisure industries, including adventure tourism. Well, if this will be the case, we can honestly say that we ended this said era with a bang. Our 2019 mountain biking season was a brilliant one. Check it out in this short video round-up:

We’ve had some exquisite custom short tours: Daniel, coming from Sweden, open the party in April. Monika and her friends drove to Romania for a longer trip, out of which four days were reserved for mountain biking. Sam flew all the w… (>>>)

Japanische ältere Wanderer auf Moldoveanu Peak

More and more Asian tourists are coming to Romania, you see them roaming the historical cities of Brasov and Sibiu, or queuing for a visit at Bran Castle or Peles Castle. Up the mountains, however, it’s a rather different story. Or at least it was, till this summer, when a consistent group of Japanese hikers came to Romania for a longer tour, including the historical milestones mentioned above, but also trekking in Bucegi and Fagaras Mountains.

It was our job and honor to guide the group up to the highest point of Romania, on Moldov… (>>>)

Australische Bergwanderer in den rumänischen Bergen

Hi Iulian, Back in Australia now after my European sojourn and a bit sadden to read the news about the unrest in Bucharest. I hope something positive comes from it all.

I want to thank you for not only organizing our tour but guiding it. After 40 odd of years of walking either solo, guiding or occasionally being guided, I guess I know a bit about what makes a good guide and I have to say you are one of the best I have come across.

Your attention to detail, organizational and leadership skills and ability to connect to us “oldies” ensured we had a te… (>>>)

Bucegi mountains traverse, hiking in Romania

As usual, weather is weather, and in September sometime plans has to be changed because of HER. But based on our 20 years’ experience in organising hiking tours in Romanian mountains, weather is not an issue.The plan was to hike in Fagaras mountains, climbing Moldoveanu peak in two days hike, but just with few days before our trip, the first serious snow of this season came and we had to change our plans, because hiking has to be fun, not only climbing peaks! So, we moved to Bucegi mountains, where we had also snow, but a much friendly one. In … (>>>)