Ski touring in Greece, Olympus mountain

Ski touring in Greece, climbing Skolio peak in Olympus mountains
Most of the mountain lovers do not make a connection between ski touring and Greece. For most of them, Greece is mean deep clear water, rock climbing, but not ski touring. In fact from the Greek mountains are coming the ancient Gods, Zeus have his home on Olympus mountains. So if are mountains must to be some snow too!
After our experience in Macedonia republic, where we’ve been also for ski touring, we moved more South East, to Olympus mountain area. As in Popova Sapka, we were blessed with beautiful weather, blue sky; well, pretty windy on our way up to Skolio peak, but with no wind on the peak! And this was great! Sky was so clear, that we were able to see mount Athos, with his pyramid peak, rising up from a sea of clouds!
Of course, being in Greece is meaning some culture, so we have two interesting cultural experiences. One in Vergina, a UNESCO world heritage, where we visited the thumb of Philip II, the father of Alexander the Great. Interesting place, nothing else to say.
The second cultural experience, was much better! A hike behind the Meteora rocks formation, another UNESCO world heritage site! This tour was interesting from all points of view, but mostly because of the dramatically landscape what are in front of your eyes: huge conglomerate formations, and mountains with snow on distance. We were lucky with weather, and with light for the taking pictures!
As bottom line, the ski touring trip to Macedonia republic and Greece was a success, intersting and open mind parricipants, the most beautiful weather we can get, nice ski touring, wonderful cultural experiences and why not, very interesting cuisine!
Enjoy the photos,
February 22, 2014

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Salve Iulian,

You are right about“the most“ of the mountain lovers but there are exceptions – through his annual ski movie – Journey – Warren Miller (one of the greatest ski movies maker) show in detail the Geek opportunities for on and off slopes ski. When you’ll come back in the Land of  Choice (the choice is take it or leave it) I’ll give you WM dvds with a good selection of his movies. You may find there a source of inspiration and a lot of fun.  
Anyway, Greece may be in the same „exotic“ destinations as Kazahstan, -India, South Georgia, Ecuador, etc. We don’t have to underestimate it! 
Good to you! You are one of the few who know to offer for your clients the different and unspoiled destinations. You are really great! 
Have a nice trip ahead,

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