Ski touring in Fagaras mountains

Last week,12-20 February, we have been with Michael and Christian(from Germany) in Fagaras and Bucegi Mountains.

At the beginning of the tour we had a vey nice cold weather with a bit less snow then we would have liked. We start in Sambata Valley from the Salvamont hut and went in Fereastra Mare a Sambetei walking over and between a lot of icy mushrooms and wind slabs. Up there we ahead to Urlea peak but instead doing the long traverse in not the best conditions for split boards we decide to have some fun riding in the Bandei Bowl. This brought us some pleasure. After this we climb the Cheia Bandei peak and return to the hut skiing about 1000 m.

The next day we leaved to Balea Lake and arrived in the evening so we visit the Ice Hotel witch was really nice, especially warmed up by the services  there.
The first  skiing day in Balea valley we start with a climb up to and descend from Doamnei Saddle (Lady Saddle). After taking another ride in the upper part of the Valley we decide to try the south part of the Mountains which we reached via the tunnel where we find some nice ice forms. There we had two really good ski runs in the valley and went up again near the Salvamont Arges hut.On our way back we visited the Salvamont Sibiu hut and then we came back to our lodge.  The second day in Balea we had a
tour in Doamnei Valley(Lady Valley) and climb up Curmatura Vanoasa from the Piscul Laita Ridge. The view over the Negoiu and Caltun Peak was nice even if the sky was a
bit cloudy. After this, we descend back to the Doamnei Lake(Lady Lake) and climb up again in the Doamnei Sattle. Here we decide to try another run on the south part of the Mountain and it was good that we took this decision because we had again a great time there. The last day in Balea the weather start to change and the wind was very
strong so we had to descend on the skis, to the car, along the Transfagarasean road.

In Bucegi mountains we had less snow and even if it started snowing the snow conditions and the fog didn’t allowed us to enjoy the mountain as we would have liked.
But now it’s snowing and I just can’t wait for new runs and tours in the mountains.

Best regards,
24 February 2011

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