Rumänien Trail Running Erfahrung , Bucegi-Gebirge

In August 2016 we went out six friends with a lot of fear and excitement on a trip to the mountains of Romania. We are all experienced “city runners” but with little trail running experience and even less mountainous running experience. After a number of inquiries we made contact with several local guides one of them was Julian – A local tour guide that sits in the city of Brasov. From the first mail Julian seem very serious and professional. This impression only grew stronger with the progress of the planning of the trip.

The trip was planned to include four days of running on the Bucegi mountain, during which we exchanged a number of hotels, needed a few car rides and accommodation and food in different places along the route, all the planning was done with Julian who picked us up from the airport in Bucharest and accompanied us to the first hut in the mountains where we first met Mihai.

Mihai, a super professional local runner, cyclist and tour guide with rich experience in mountain races (and crazy results of local mountain races), accompanied us during all the days of the run. During which he led, guided, explained, navigated and adjusted the route to all our needs. Mihai has a great love to nature and to outdoor activities. He demonstrated amazing and rare attention to our requests and needs and offered advice on mountain running techniques that improved our capabilities during the trip.

During the four days of running we ran every day (on average) about 20 km, with a cumulative ascent of 1,000 meters. In various landscapes, we past local villages that look like time has stopped there over a hundred years ago, enjoyed local food and climbed to mountain heights.

Julian planed our trip perfectly with all logistical complexity while Mihai led us through the tour in commendable professionalism. Both are highly recommended as guides to outdoor activities in the mountains of Romania.
Shabi, Mytal, Ilan, Arnon, Avraham, Gil – Israel, July 2016

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