Luxemburger Gruppe genießen rumänischen Bergen

We were a group of 6  friends from Luxembourg that originally were very reluctant to go hiking in Roumania.  But thanks to Julian, our guide, we finally had a wonderful time in the Carpathians Mountains.  Julian went out of his way to please us with our  different needs.  He was flexible enough with  any change of program and destination.  Thanks to him,  with  his  perfect knowledge of the country, we were able to fully admire the country-side, in all its beauty.  Not only were we pleasantly surprised  by the landscape, but  also the cleanliness of the different inns  and the good and amply  food  provided by  friendly people.  A lot of  huts/refuges  in the Alps  cannot compete  with those that we saw in Roumania.

So again, a very big thank you to Julian, and who knows, we may see again,
Mike, Dan and friends, Luxembourg –  September 2016 – photos here

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