Kenneth Meislin, San Francisco hiking in Romania

As a person new to trekking, I was just a bit intimidated when my friends invited me to go to Romania. My friends have been to so many far away places, and the entire group was very experienced. However, when I joined in on the trip, I found that trekking is really fun, and with just a bit of preparation – it’s really not so difficult. Additionally, I learned that having the right guide on your trip makes all the difference in the world. Having Iulian Cozma as our guide was absolutely the best decision we made. Not only did he plan everything perfectly, he handled the terrain, the personalities, and the minor issues that popped up, all with grace, humor, and with a huge smile that was contagious to the group. We hiked for 3 days straight, 9 hours a day, and stayed in a wonderful hut overnight, while climbing the 3 highest peaks in Romania. We then spent 3 days together seeing various sites of interest, and experiencing the local culture. Iulian made sure we all had a fabulous trip, he insured that we were extremely well fed, and even the most experienced guys in our group said that Iulian was the best guide they had ever had.

I would recommend Iulian Cozma Mountain Guiding to anybody interested in trekking or sightseeing in Romania. He surely is a person of integrity, and one who provides his guests with the very best of Romanian hospitality.

Kenneth Meislin, San Francisco, CA, USA, August 2012 – photos here