Israeli hikers in Fagaras and Bucegi mountains

I had the pleasure of being guided by Iulian on a 12 day trip to Romania in September 2008. We were a group of 15 people from Israel wishing to combine walks through the ravishing scenery of the Carpathian Mountains with visits to some of the historical attractions of the area’s cities and towns (e.g. Brasov, Sibiu, Sighisoara, Bucharest). By leading a group of people no longer in the bloom of their youth, each with his personal requirements and desires, Iulian had taken on quite a job. Well, I must say, he did this with the utmost sense of diplomacy, sensibility and talent. We had the chance to gaze upon grand sceneries; to stay in chalets and hotel accommodations that could easily stand up to comparison with those one might find in Austria or Switzerland; we crossed valleys and climbed mountain tops; all of these we would never have reached without a professional guide like Iulian, who is intimately acquainted with every little nook and cranny, every obstacle and temptation along the way. We also got to taste the delicacies of the Romanian kitchen – rich food, which was not only tasty, but absolutely healthy as well, so that our „western” tummies were far from complaining. During our tour we bumped into other groups of tourists from Israel, who came to Romania through some of the most renowned Israeli tourist agencies. It was then, that we realized how lucky we were to have booked our tour with Iulian! We listened to their complaints and looked into their exhausted faces and wondered at the stark contrast to our own feelings. Our eyes were still filled with the beauty of the landscapes that had been revealed to us again and again along our tour which we could not put into words; and our spirits still high and utterly impressed by the high level of service and assistance that accompanied all this. Iulian is not only a complete master of his field but is also on close terms with the people he interacts with and whose input is quite important for a successful tour. Iulian is fair and on time (like a Swiss watch), receptive to everyone’s needs, but also flexible enough to operate certain changes due to terrain and/or weather conditions. He was undoubtedly worth our every penny! There are two ways you can visit Romania: one, is by going there and marking just another checkpoint on your agenda; the other one, is by booking a trip with Iulian and having the chance of living an unforgettable adventure. Your guide is the key to success and Iulian stands up to the challenge. You can be sure that he will manage all your requirements professionally. Mountain tour in the Bucegi Mountains („Pestera” Hotel) and the Fagaras Mountains („Negoiu” and „Balea” challets), with sightseeing tours in the following cities: Sinaia, Brasov, Viscri, Sighisoara, Sibiu and Bucharest

September 2008 – Mrs. Mila Barak, Tel Aviv, 141 Jabotinsky Str., Israel.