Fagaras traverse with Cambridge students

We have recently returned from an Explorer Scout expedtion to Romania. Iulian co-ordinated a programme for 25 of us from the Perse School in Cambridge. After meeting us at the train station in Brasov at 6am, the group spent a weekend acclimatising before splitting into two groups. One headed into the Fagaras mountains with Iulian on a 7 day trek while the other stayed in his homevillage of Ucea de Sus with Romanian families. While we were there, we repainted the village school and were warmly welcomed by the local community. The groups swapped over half way through the trip. As well as being extremely technically competant as a mountain leader, Iulian knows his country, and seemingly everyone in it, in minute detail. He is efficient, helpful and very good company, getting on well with both the leaders and students. Having run expeditions all over the world, I can fully endorse Iulian as a guide and location manager. As you will have seen from the rest of the site he also takes the most amazing photos. Just don’t believe him when he says it’s going to be flat or that there will be coca cola in the Podragu hut ….

Chris Brickel – GSL 5th Cambridge Scouts – Perse School – Cambridge – Fagaras traverse from Rudarita tu Suru, Augus 2007