Expert mountain biking tour in Romania, South East of Transylvania

Expert mountain biking tour in Romania, South East of TransylvaniaPerformance…
About Sigge and Mike I’ve heard last year. They were described as mountainbikers with very good tehnical skills so that made me pretty much eager to meet them. And I just say this: It all worthed. This year they came with Thomas  and we rode the Carpathian Expert Ride wich is the most difficult tour offered by – and in Romania at this point. I had big expectations from the whole trip but I have to confess: the tour and the way of riding was so much beyond my dreams.

With this team it was always about having fun on the bike and the gut to try almost everything in a playfull but still safe manner. So I can only say that this tour it was about performance and fun. Single trails, steep tehnical downhills or uphills were taken all as a challenge. In spite all this nothing was taken for granted so,  yes, sometimes we still had to ride or to push the bikes up before the downhill . But I guess that’s real life.

During this tour we had to face the Ciucas Mountains with his wild singletrails, then we moved to Babes and Baiului Mountains with their neverending ridges offering a great views over Ciucas and Bucegi mountains. In Bucegi Mountains we have ridden thru dark forests with fast singletrails and we reach the highest altitude and also ride the most tehnicals trails of the tour. Everything finished with the long downhill from Strunga Pass to Bran wich brought us again a big large smile on a happy face.

So at the end, one could just say “That’s what mountainbiking about is”.

Mihai, August 2013

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