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Ski touring in Bucegi mountains

Few photos from a 18 km ski tour in Bucegi mountains, on January 2009. We start from Busteni by cable car to Babele rocks, and from here by skis and on skis, to south of Bucegi mountains, passing Piatra Arsa, Sinaia ski resort and finally arriving on Dichiu saddle in south of Bucegi mountains.


Snow walking in Magura Village

Few photos from a snow walking tour in Magura village, on Bran castle area. The region situated between Bucegi mountains and Piatra Craiului mountains offer quite a lot of options for one day tour, or 7 days tours. The tours are moderate, and are very good for those who love to take photos with life on country side. Some people tell me that this region is as it was Switzerland 50 year’s ago! And I think that is true! Iulian Cozma www.mountainguide.ro


Snowshoeing in Bran

Walking in Dracula country

On February 2009 it was a period when was snowing like in fairy tales. All was white and it was a pleasure to be out there taking some nice photos. The tour was in the area of Bran castle, in Simon and Poarta villages. Is a beautiful area for moderate hill walking, and a very nice area for those who love to take photos on the nature. Iulian Cozma(>>>)

Snowboarding in Romania

Snowboarding in Romania

This week of February 2009 was maybe not the best for snowboarding, but some days were great. Powder snow and visibility at Balea Lake in Fagaras mountains, give us the possibility to have some nice rides on Balea valley or on Lady valley. The tours before Fagaras mountains were in Poiana Brasov and Ciucas mountains. The snow was great but the wind and fog were quite heavy, so the pleasure was not at maximum. After Fagaras mountains we drive to Sinaia ski resort, and unfortunately for 2 days we were on lower clouds, without too many options … (>>>)

Powder skiing in Bucegi mountains valleys

Ciucas mountains

The last week of February 2009 was a great ski touring week on the valleys from Bucegi mountains. We start first with quite a long traverse from Sinaia to Omu peak, on skins, with a stop for a warm soup at Babele chalet. The powder on Ialomita valley was very nice (and cold…) and after this we climb to Omu peak. Here we meet Corina and Radu, working at the Omu weather forecast station, welcoming us with a hot cup of tea! On the next day we ski on Gaura valley and after 3 runs we descent to Padina chalet, where we stay for the next 2 nights. On the … (>>>)

Ski touring on Fagaras and Bucegi mountains

Ski touring Fagaras and Bucegi

If on last week of February the snow and the weather was perfect for touring in Bucegi mountains, I can’t say the same thing about the week what just end… Was enough snow, and was even snowy in almost each day and night, but was not too much visibility, and skiing was not a real pleasure. The tour was in Fagaras and Bucegi mountains, also visiting Sibiu and Sighisoara cities. The last day of the tour was the nicest one from the entire week, but the tour was ending on that day … Best regards from Brasov, Iulian Cozma – mo(>>>)

Powder skiing in Fagaras mountains

Powder in Bucegi and Fagaras mountains

The last days of March were very nice ones from all points of view! We ski in Bucegi mountains, and since yesterday afternoon, March 25, we are at Balea Lake in Fagaras mountains. Today we did some nice runs in Saua Doamnei, and on Balea Valley. As you may see on the above photo, the snow was great! Best regards from Balea Lake in Fagaras mountains, Iulian Cozma – mountain and ski guide

We did a one week ski tour with Iulian Cozma from March 21-29, 2009. We were seven friends who have ski-toured all over the world. Iulian, who had been reco… (>>>)

Senderismo en Rumania, senderismo en los Cárpatos

Senderismo en Rumanía

During April 9th-14th 2009, due to the Easter Holidays, I went hiking for 4 days with Kaoshortanord, Club de Muntanya, from Valencia-Spain. I can say I was pleasantly surprised to find out that, in a city like Valencia, located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, there is a club for mountain tours. Unfortunately our Black Sea cities do not have any hiking clubs at all. Anyway, as I found out during the tour, the weather in Valencia in this time of year was not very „friendly“ (rainy and quite cold, as I understood). However… (>>>)

Junii Brasovului feast

When the heavy snows of the harsh Brasovian winters are gone and spring sun shines again, it is the time for people from Schei, the old district of Brasov, to start celebrating the renewal. Yearly, they have a festival, called „Junii“, (translated it would be ‚The Feast of the Youth‘) which stretches over weeks, having it’s climax on the first Sunday after Easter when seven groups of men from the Schei will ride from the mountains and travel around Brasov. They will be carrying with them mace like baton… (>>>)

Walking in Maramures county

On end of April 2009, I was doing a short trip in Maramures area, north part of Romania. This area is well known for the old wooden churches (most of them under UNESCO heritage) and for his gentle and beautiful landscape. We were lucky with the weather, and we (me, Lucian and Ver, the last one who’s 70’s years old) did few hillwalking around Botiza village, on Iza valley. Having a walking trip in this part of Romania can be impressive!

Kind regards, Iulian Cozma www.mountainguide.ro