Traveler to Romania, walking in Transylvania and Maramures counties

Traveler to Romania, walking in Transylvania and Maramures countiesTraveler to Romania, walking in Transylvania and Maramures counties
What is meaning to travel to Romania? Why to travel to Romania?
I try to answer to the second question first. I hear so many times this question, why you go there for hiking, mountain biking or for ski touring? Is a country with not a very good reputation, in East Europe, etc… but I can say that the reality is very different from what the travelers expect before they arrive! And this is the good part. They find here what they wish for, nice hiking, biking or ski tours, good meals and wines, and the most important part, friendly people. Not the last, you travel to a foreign country to discover it, from your interest point of view. So you have to travel with open mind, and be sure that you are able to see the real county.

What is mean to travel to Romania, that’s the question.  And I think Anne answer to this question with her testimonial below:

What an awesome way to experience the natural parts of Romania!  I have been living in Romania for 10 months and my general experience is that Romanians are not high on customer service, but Iulian is definitely an exception.  Our trip was well-planned in terms of accommodations, walking routes, meals, and points of interest.  Iulian paid close attention to our group’s needs and was flexible when plans changed abruptly just 2 days before the planned start.  The scenery was spectacular and the distances matched our abilities well.  He chose several very interesting historical sites to visit and got to know our own interests sufficiently well to point out individual aspects.  His choices of accommodations were excellent – in one village we stayed in historic homes and in other places we were in personal homes. The meals we were served were delicious and the only complaint was getting too much. 🙂
My only significant suggestion for improvement is that he call ahead to destinations in order to arrange visits (we drove almost 1 hour round trip one day without being able to see a pottery workshop we’d planned to see.)
I highly recommend Iulian as a guide and look forward to traveling with him again on a return trip to Romania.
Anne Murray, PhD, North Carolina, USA – June 2013

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