Sa ne bucuram de Fagarasi, drumetie la munte

Enjoy hiking in Fagaras mountains

Together with Jon and Chris, I backpacked half of Fagaras mountains ridge on one of the wettest period of 2016, even if was July.
Chris came from the UK especially for this tour, Jon works in Bucharest and does a lot of runs in the Romanian mountains, but the Fagaras mountains are special mountains, which require a lot of knowledge and skill. In order for both of them to enjoy this challenging hike, we hiked together.
As usual, we started from the East Side, from Piatra Craiului national park. After a warm evening at 7 Crai in Plaiul Foii, we started hiking in Fagaras. Our goal was to cross the ridge until Balea lake. Because of the weather conditions, we stopped at Podragu hut, but we did not regret any minute of our hike. We enjoyed two long and challenging days of hiking, first from Rudarita to Curmatura Zarnei, with a nap break in Curmatura Bratilei (I really enjoyed this nap, outside was quite rainy!) and second day from Curmatura Zarnei directly to Podragu hut, over Vistea Mare Peak. Like the day before, we arrived quite wet, so much so that even now I remember our climb to Vistea Mare peak, on a cold and wet wind. But as always, we arrived safely at Podragu hut, where Corina fed us with the best food she can make! Beers too!
Enjoy the photos, looking forward for both of you to came back for another tour in our beautiful Romanian mountains!
Iulian, July 2016

Hello Iulian.  Just a short note to say how much I enjoyed my time in Romania, and especially on the Fagaras Trail with you and Jon.  Thank you very much for guiding us so well.  You struck the important balance between making our trek enjoyable, challenging and safe.  The walking tested my fitness and my kit and we certainly experienced a full range of changeable weather conditions!  A sense of humour, in-depth local knowledge, and an awareness of what is safe in the conditions are all important on the mountains and you demonstrated all of these.  Thank you!  I’ll post my photos on DropBox so you should receive an invitation so that you can access them.  I hope that you’re able to recover your phone and get your photos together and trust you’ll send us details of how we can get to them.
Best wishes,
Chris, UK

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