Mtb experience in Romania, Brasov area mountains

Mtb experience in Romania, Brasov area mountains
One of the many reasons to enjoy very much what we are doing is the chance to meet interesting and diverse people. Everybody we hike/bike/ski with, shares the same love for the mountains, still each group remains unique in its own way.

The last biking group we had was from Germany. It was surprising to see their equipment, following a week of biking with a group of Swedes pretty much up to date with everything related to mountain biking gear – and not just gear. Our four German friends were made from a different fabric: more than 10 years old bikes, old-type geometry hard tails, flat pedals, etc. The situation got really funny one moment, when we crossed paths with a group of bikers with pretty modern, all-suspension equipment. Enjoying a cold beer after the hard work of the day was done, the Germans asked me if I was ashamed to be seen in the company of such old style mountain bikers. Complete nonsense, I answered. It’s not about how new your equipment is, it’s about what you do with it. And I pointed out that they were just coming down the mountain on a pretty steep and technical mountain trail, while the aforementioned group was just biking on asphalt and forestry roads.

What they were lacking in terms of mtb equipment and skills, the Germans totally compensated with good humour, willingness to learn, positive attitude, and – last but not least – a genuine love for the great outdoors. The tour they did in Romania was out of their comfort zone, but they left the place with great memories, better biking skills, and a different perspective on „mountain biking”.

Back home, they will probably have a visit to the local bike shop, also… 🙂
Horia, July 2014


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