Explorarea Romaniei, bucurandu-ne de munte si cultura

In brief, it was like this: we all enjoyed a two week tour in Romania, yes in Romania, meaning that we explored half of the country, driving, walking and tasting delicious food!
In detail, we were in Bucharest, Sinaia, Bucegi mountains, Simon mountain village, Brasov city, Fagaras mountains, Balea Lake, Ucea de Sus village, Sibiu, Sighisoara, Gura Humorului and painted monasteries from that area and finally back to Bucharest.
It was a tour with all the necessary ingredients, sun, some rain, lovely landscapes, good jokes and most importantly, delicious and tasty food!
As the three musketeers state in their testimonial, we will enjoy another beautiful tour in July 2017, of the other half of Romania, including the Danube Delta and the historical Maramures county.Enjoy the photos.
Iulian, August 2016

A conversation with a Romanian taxi driver in London a few years ago put Romania on
my travel radar. He enthusiastically described the beautiful scenery and many hiking options
available in his home country.
From the beginning of our correspondence with Iulian, he was prompt and efficient in
dealing with our enquiries which gave us confidence in his professionalism.
The outstanding feature of Iulian’s company is that it genuinely offers tours which are
tailored to the specific needs of the group and the itinerary is flexible enough to be
adjusted when necessary to meet the specific needs and interests of the clients.
We thoroughly enjoyed our time hiking and visiting medieval towns and monasteries. The
accommodation, transport and food often exceeded our expectations. As Iulian repeatedly
reminded us, “It’s not 1989 anymore.”
Somehow Iulian even managed to ensure that we samples a different traditional
dessert every evening although even he was unable to spare us the horror of two
petrol stations whose coffee machines were inexplicably
malfunctioning. I’m not joking.
We are literally voting with our feet and are planning to return again next summer for some
further hiking and bird watching. I’m serious.
Deborah, Lauren, Viola – Hong Kong – July – August 2016

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