Traversarea Bucegilor, vechea granita

When a Australian couple want to go home, they still travel. This was doing Zac and his friends, at the end of three years stay in UK. They were going home travelling from country to country, and they stop for few days hiking in Bucegi mountains, South East of Transylvania.
Weather was fantastic, and our traverse of Bucegi was done smoothly and dry!
Enjoy the photos,
Iulian, Sept 2016

I would highly recommend this company. Iulian provided for us a personalized itinerary of hiking through the Transylvanian mountains and villages. The scenery was picturesque and the tour was very well organised and run. Thanks again Iulian!
Zac Lowth, Australia, Sept 2016

A very well organised trip, great local food (especially the soup and rice dessert) beautiful scenery and an excellent guide. Iulian has excellent local knowledge and is very professional. Iulian has excellent English and is a very good communicator with a great sense of humor. Very impressed with iulian’s flexibility to ensure the tour met our needs. Also the locals were very friendly and inviting. I highly recommend Iulian Cozma outdoor adventures.
Lisa Incledon, Australia, Sept 2016

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