Biciclisti Israelieni in Muntii Bucegi

The Israeli mountain bikers seem generally reluctant to go for a full-mountain experience. Lacking experience in tackling long ascents and natural mountain trails, they more often than not opt for „safer” programs, with more cable car lifts, minibus transfers, fewer hours on the trails, etc.

Ronnen, Shane, Motti and Zeev where ready to get out of their comfort zone, opting for our true mountain Bucegi Circuit mtb tour. And they’ve got an experience they will brag about for years to come. A true mountain biking experience is equally about mountain as it is about biking. The Romanian mountain trails are just the perfect place to experience that. Testing climbs that you wouldn’t think that can be done on bike, coupled with intensive descents on natural trails, demanding your full concentration and all the available skills.

Add to the mix a fine selection of accommodations, with great food and friendly hosts, and you’ll find out why our guests are always smiling 🙂

Horia, June 2017


We are 4 Israeli Bikers who have been on two previous European Bike Trips. We have been riding for 15 years and have a lot of experience. But this last week exceeded it all by far.

From the minute that we were met at the airport until the last drop off back at the airport, a week later, it was all about personal attention, responsibility and true caring that was displayed by our amazing guide Horia.

Behind the scenes a lot was going on in the logistics department but up front it as all about great food,superb riding and a lot of fun.
We truly learnt what Mountain Biking is all about and our climbing skills improved beyond recognition.
Horia made sure that we returned safely and with a true sense of achievement.

This trip will definitely be recommended by us to all our fellow Israeli Bikers.
We really tried hard to find something to complain about (after all we are Israelis) and the only thing that we could find is the need to get a bit of variety in the daily sandwich:)

Thanks a lot!!
Ronnen, Motti, Shane and Zeev, Israel, June 2017


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