Welcome to nature, walking in Romania

Welcome to nature, walking in Romania

Betty and Joël came for a long weekend hike and a short visit of Bucharest city. The right places for this type of tour are Bucegi natural park and the high hills of Bran county.
We started our tour with a warm up hike on the Western part of Bucegi mountains, then crossed over to Moeciu de Sus, ending in the picturesque mountain village of Simon. It was the best time of the year to hike, with the right weather conditions and this was something which motivated us to keep on hiking and enjoying the beautiful nature!

Enjoy the photos,
Iulian, September 2016

Here a small testimonial on our hiking tour in sept ’16 where we traversed Bucegi mountains, from Ialomita valley to Moeciu de Sus mountain village, then to Simon mountain village ending in Bran village / castle. Those places are very picturesque and reminded us somewhat of Hobbit country.
As already mentioned in other posts by other clients we also appreciated very much the professionalism of Iulian who organised the trekking and also was our guide. We would recommend his services to everybody who is interested in exploring a region of Transylvania somewhat more in depth, meaning not only doing a trekking but also meeting local people, getting inside information, etc. Having a guide that grew up in this region and knows all the locals can come in very handy.
The price of the trip is reasonable and includes everything but what is more important comes with a lot of flexibility. There are always different options possible if you would change your mind halfway and want to stay somewhere longer or want to take a different route, stay at a different place, etc.
Last but not least: the Romanian G4 network works perfectly so Iulian can provide free wifi at all times (although I’m not sure everybody will see this as a benefit)
Joël & Betty, Gent, Belgium, Septeember 2016

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