Walking tour in rainy but beautiful Romania

You’d say rain is a major downer when going for a walking trip. Who wouldn’t prefer a nice, sunny, warm day on the trails instead of marching around, across or simply through muddy puddles, with rain falls ranging from light drizzles to heavy hail, with constantly wet shoes, clothes, etc.

Still, if you love mountains, you enjoy them no matter how the weather is. That’s exactly what we did, in the select company of seven Swedish guests that we guided through Bucegi mountains from Sinaia to Moeciu, than across Bran Country. Yeah, probably too much rain, (quite unusual for this time of year), but crystal clear air, amazing shades of green in the forests, unforgettable encounters with the locals.

Thank you, Bo, for a nice week and we hope you’ll keep wandering around the world with your group for years to come.
Horia, June 2012

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