Mountain biking on Bran Country trails, Transylvania, Romania

Mountain biking on Bran Country trails, Transylvania, Romania
Fun in the mud on Bran Country trails

Unexpected familiar weather was waiting Martin, Pat and Ryan in Brasov when they came to Romania for a mountain bike tour in the Bran Country. Based in Amsterdam and London, the three friends were accustomed to cycle in wet conditions. Definitely more than I am, as the weather around here gives you most of the time the freedom to get picky – “it’s kind of cloudy, I think I will stay home today”.

We didn’t have that option with our tour, so we headed joyfully into what the skies had prepared for us. And it was rain, it was mud, it was lots of sliding, it was plenty of dirt in between the teeth, but it was also some sun, a lot of great views, majestic forests, idyllic country life, tons of good quality British humour. We toured the trails near Crit and Mesendorf, we rode the trails of Postavaru and Piatra Craiului, staying at or passing along mountain huts like Poiana Secuilor and Diham, mountain villages like Sohodol, Poarta, Simon, Pestera and Magura.

I have said several times that we are lucky to live in Brasov, a place surrounded by so many mountains, so many trails, so many gorgeous places. And here is another reason: even if it’s damp, the mud is still manageable, it will not stick to your tyres, making cycling a nightmare. You will get wet, you will get dirty, but you’ll still have lots of fun. As the three guys had in the first week of June. Enjoy the photos!
Horia, June 2014

These guys ensured we had a truly memorable experience in the Carpathians: a relatively untouched corner of Europe, steeped in history, with great scenery, varied rides on good trails, friendly people and comparatively low prices. Amazingly, we didn’t see a single other mountain biker during our trip in early June – the secret has to get out soon! We couldn’t fault the organisation: everything was well thought-out, yet with enough flexibility to allow changes / detours as we saw fit. Without a doubt, Horia was the best guide I’ve ridden with – friendly, relaxed, and extremely knowledgeable, not only regarding the sport (including advice on technique and maintenance), but also the area, its history, and more besides. It’s good to have someone along who can really bring the local environs to life. I was especially impressed with the willingness to help with the little things – e.g., when out in the middle of nowhere and short on power-bars/energy gels/camera storage, he’d call ahead to his contacts, and the next day we had what we needed. That’s what I call service! I’d heartily recommend MTB-tours to anyone considering the Carpathians as a destination for their mountain bike holiday. If our experience was anything to go by, you won’t regret it. Superb.
Martin Smith and friends

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