Dragus north ridge in fagaras mountains– Mountaineering / Climbing tours – The winter tours can be practiced best in the Fagars Mountains, also called the Transylvanian Alps. The most remarkable winter tours in Romania are taking place on the main ridge of the Fagaras Mountains. However, the Northern ridges are also impressive through their harshness and beauty at the same time.

In order to go through one of the Northern ridges, one would need at least three days. Of course, the most important aspects conditioning the arrival in the main ridge are the weather and the tourist’s physical abilities. Each Northern ridge ends with a mountain wall or edge, with a difficulty level of about 3B. Therefore, technical equipment is a must. Putting up for the night is done in tents, bivacs or hunting shelters (on mountain edges like Dragus, Zanoaga and Albota).

One of the most demanding climbing tours you can do in the Romanian Carpathians, is crossing the main ridge of the Fagaras Mountains. The duration of this tour is of about seven days, its success depending of course on the snow and weather conditions, as well as on the physical shape of the participants. Putting up for the night is done in tents or mountain shelters.

Other opportunities for quality winter mountaineering in South-Eastern Transylvania are in the Piatra Craiului and Bucegi Mountains. The best period for practicing these tours is: from December to March.

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