Entire traverse of Fagaras mountains main ridge

I start speaking with Sheila about a hiking tour in Romania three years ago…on 2008.  Her wish was to do a hiking tour which will fulfill her hiking experience around the world. So, after three years when she find time to do the tour, she came for the tour, the full traverse of Fagaras mountains main ridge!

It is a challenging tour, during we hiked aprox 95 km, climb ~ 7500 m, and descending another 7500 m, all of this on only 5 days. And yes, we carried on our backpacks all the equipment, sleeping bag, mattress,  clothes, food for five days, stove, gas cylinders, etc … Not a lot of people do it as we did, mainly they hike from hut to hut, which is OK of course, but what we did it is the true traverse of Fagaras main ridge.

As it was all this summer, weather was perfect! We get just ten minutes of rain during our first day of hiking, and the rest was good weather. We start from East part, from Rudarita area, and we ended five days later in Turnu Rosu village. Back to civilization was … hot, I mean we were used to have maximum 15-18 Celsius during the days, but when we arrived on Turnu Rosu village, we realize what is meaning 29-31 Celsius… but we survived.

Enjoy the photos,
Iulian, Brasov city, 7 October 2011


What a first class job you did in organizing my 5 day traverse of the Fagaras Mountains. I requested you put a program together after advising you of my experience and I couldn’t have asked for a more personalized and suitable trek.  Your excellent knowledge of the mountains and aptitude in gauging my capability enabled you to alter the program on a day to day basis to enhance my trek. The result was a great balance between trekking and experiencing the added flavor of Brasov and Sibiu.

The Fagaras Mountains were really beautiful with very few other trekkers, it was challenging and I was so fortunate to have great weather.  But what really made a difference to my trip was you.  Your attention to every detail from the time I arrived until I left was exceptional.  I found all aspects of your service to be first class –  from prompt email replies, to care and safety in the  mountains,  with the  added extras of personalized photos and excellent English.

I don’t have to wish you well in the future, you are so personable, educated, interesting and efficient you can only do well.

Sheila McDowall, Sidney, Australia, September 2011

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