Ski touring in Poiana Brasov ski resort in Romania

Well, I can start this snow report very simple. We were doing some ski tours on a ski resort, but the reality is coming when we saw how much snow was near the slopes or on the forest. And snow start to be bigger and bigger.

After a hiking, biking and walking  summer season, when sometime we pray for a rain, the winter start without big promises for our 100 mm wide skis. But I was thinking: well, Summer was great, no rain, very nice weather, so I enjoy it, then winter have to be beautiful, if you can say beautiful when you speak about winter 😉 For my feelings, a beautiful winter , have to be like those winters from my childhood: everything have to be white, covered in snow, well, powder snow if you wish, not very cold, -7 Celsius in enough, and not the last I have to go skiing with nice companions and friends! And then I can say it is a beautiful winter. And at least for the last 2 weekends winter was beautiful, I really enjoy it! But of course, this is just the beginning of a beautiful winter 😉

As every time, what you think at home to do on that day, can be or not achieved, but most of the time is a win win situation, I mean we said that we go to Poiana Brasov for ski touring, and of course, we used few times the ski lifts. Ok, nothing bad with this, because we were able to enjoy skiing more.

One of the most important reasons of ski touring in a ski resort on this days, is safety. In high mountains we get around 1.5 – 2.2 m of snow on less then 72 hours, and on this „beautiful“ snow condition is better to wait for sunny days, for the snow to be more compact, and then go skiing on wilderness!

I hope you enjoy skiing and ski touring where ever you are, because for sure I will enjoy my skiing a lot!

Iulian Cozma, Brasov city, January 18, 2012

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