Hiking in Transylvanian Alps, Fagaras mountains


I meet Gavin last year in June, when I was hiking in Bucegi mountains after a tour on Fagaras main ridge . He was alone, enjoying a tour in Bucegi mountains. We speak for few minutes and we remain in contact for future mountains tours in Romanian mountains. And this was happen this June, when Gavin was coming back in Romania for 2 weeks active holiday, hiking enjoying nature’s unique beauty, history and traditions and and not the last enjoying Romanian food 🙂

At the begin of our trip we hiked in West part of Transylvanian Alps, Fagaras mountains, having as base camp Barcaciu chalet. Weather was great and we did 2 serious hikes, to Avrig lake and to Scara peak, both of them involving a climb of 1200 m. But weather was good, not to many flies, and we enjoyed our tours there.

During the second part of our trip, we planned to Climb Moldoveanu peak, the highest peak in Romanian mountains, 2544 m high, starting from Turnuri chalet. Unfortunately our plans were ruined by really strong rains, which created big floods on low lands from Fagaras county, and we hear on the radio that ~ 250 houses were evacuated… This is really bad when it happen…

During this two very rainy days we stayed at Turnuri chalet, where Nelu & Dan were very good hosts! Good food and good atmosphere keep us up there!
Finally, Saturday afternoon after 8 hours rain break we decide to hike down from Fagaras mountains to Victoria town, and toward Brasov.

Enjoy the photos,

Hi Iulian, I received the DVDs quick work there. Very many thanks for them. Especially as I did not take many photos. Your’s will be far superior anyway. Amazed by the pic on the DVD – never seen that before.  Thanks very much indeed for your guiding, care and company. You provided an excellent service and it was a pleasure to chat to you about all things Romanian. I really enjoyed it.  Thanks again for everything, including the map, which was very kind. And very best wishes. You are an excellent guide and deserve much success.

Gavin Watkins, Llandeilo, Wales, UK