Die Rückkehr der Jedi, aka Hong Kong Damen, die Rumänien erforschen

Well, well, well the three ladies from Hong Kong spent a second consecutive summer holiday in Romania, and this time they brought Clara too.
As last year holiday, this one was a share between exploring Romanian cuisine and nature, but on different regions of the country. And like this we realized that Romania is quite big, and you can spend many holidays around.
We started with some boats trip and birdwatching in Danube Delta, exploring almost all the Delta from Sfantu Gheorghe to Letea forest, and surroundings, with good accommodation locations but not the last, outstanding fish meals! Here our thanks go to lady Viorica from Letea fisherman village, to her hospitality and open smile!
Then we moved to Dobrogea mountains, hercinic Macin, oldest mountains in Romania, where was hot by all the standards of the participants! The views, the flowers and the tranquility of the area makes us to feel blessed!
Time to move North, so we fly to Satu Mare and from here we drive to Maramures historical county, where we spend another beautiful and welcoming part of our holiday! Our local hosts, Ion and Maria make us to fell spoiled, starting with breakfast and ending somehow by dinner! The beauty of the landscape, the green fields and blue sky, the local people, all of the make us to leave some fairytale days, and like this it was!
We return to Bucharest after two weeks of water, hot weather, blue sky and green pastures, already talking about our next trip during summer of 2019!
Ladies, you are a great companion for a holiday in Romania, and I was happy to explore my home country together!
Enjoy the photos,

We returned for our second consecutive summer in Romania visiting the Danube Delta and also the Maramures region in the north. It was the perfect combination of bird-watching and hiking.
Iulian’s local knowledge is extensive and his enthusiasm for local food and culture is contagious.
The accommodation provided involved a variety of quality hotels and homestays and we will always remember the hospitality of Ion and Maria in Botiza. Botiza provided us with the opportunity to witness the last surviving peasant culture in Europe, which appears to be thriving.
The hikes gave us glimpses of the bucolic charms of the Romanian countryside with grassy meadows full of wildflowers and rolling vistas. Birdwatching was also a first for most of our group and was another highlight of the trip.
Iulian also enlists local guides who are similarly infected with an enthusiasm for wildlife, history and people.
Iulian genuinely attempts to tailor his tours to the specific demands of each tour group and on both trips, he was always flexible and responsive to our needs.
It seems that in Europe now, many travel destinations are inundated with tourists during the summer season. Romania is still flying under the tourist radar and it is a pleasure to travel to this exceptional destination.
Deb, Clara, Lauren and Viola – Hong Kong, July 2017

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