Hikers in Bucegi

Dear Julian, just a short note & thanks and appreciation for all the hard work that you put in, in order to make our trip to Romania such a pleasant and memorable one!

As it turned out from our side I feel that the group was a little too large and not equally matched, but the request to participate in the trip was great add how do you tell someone „No sorry, you cannot come because you are not fit enough”? and so I burned up!

You did well to provide a walking program that we were all able to participate in and enjoy! I usually charge around at great speed, everything’s a challenge and I have to be out in front, but on this occasion it was pleasant and enjoyable jut to relax, to stroll along, taking in the beauty of the countryside, absorbing the atmosphere and stillness of the mountain meadows and the harshness of the snow laden hills! It was not a hard psychical challenge and never meant to be, but the thoroughly enjoyable and in good company!

Thank you for the professional and friendly was in which you organized everything, we had no worries, no concerns over anything! Transport, accommodation, food, cultural visits all went like a clockwork and we were impressed!

Best regards! Good luck in your future!

Brian and Vera – The Crumblies, October 2010 – photos here