Endurance hiking in Fagaras mountains with Arnon from Israel

Iulian – I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for the most wonderful hike I have ever had! These full 2 days of hiking in the Fagaras ridge is going to be one of the best memories I’ll keep for the rest of my life… In these awesome, untouched terrain of 2500+ peaks (Moldoveanu, Negoiu) , surrounded by clouds, watching over breathtaking landscape, you guided me through all the way in the most professional manner! After so many years as full-time hiking-guide, you are familiar with every detail of the trails, every stone, every turn and water-stream, fully aware of the beauty and peril, and still so passionate about the work you so love! I was expecting to work hard, have tough days of walk – and got it to my full satisfaction – 13 hours walk each day, with almost 50 km, 4600 meters incline in total, nasty climbs and even nastier declines… And above all, the time with you, the talks – about everything, the sense of humor, and your wealth of knowledge, really impressed me, and made the trip mostly fulfilling!!! Thank you so much!

With honor, Arnon, Israel, August 2013 – photos here