Hiking, trekking, mountaineering in the Romanian mountains

Hiking in Romanian mountains, explore the Carpathian gardenRomania is more and more present on the list of the active holiday destinations and more people from around the world choose to spend their holidays in the Carpathian Garden. Although the mountain areas are very vast and varied, few trekkers are encountered along trails that are suited for every outdoor lover.

Using my more than 13 years experience in organizing trekking tours for groups of tourists from all over the world we offer through Iulian Cozma Outdoor Adventures all the ingredients for an ideal vacation in the Romanian mountains: trekking tours in all the Carpathian ranges including transport, accommodation and guiding services. Likewise tours can be tailored according to tourists’ wishes and phisical condition.

Most of the times, the tours are organized in natural parks where the view is breathtaking and rare species of flora (edelwise, rododendron, gentian) and fauna (black goat, marmot, golden eagle, blackcock) can be equaly admired.

We invite you to Romania to see and experience together the Carpathian garden!

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