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Walking holidays tour in Romania, Bran county

For my husband and his brother this was the first time visiting Romania. I wanted to make sure this hiking trip was one of the most memorable of our many hiking trips. When a good friend of mine recommended Iulian, I didn’t hesitate to contact him. My request was to hike places where the view was breathtaking, peaceful, and serene. I must say Iulian delivered on all levels. He is knowledgeable, helpful and made our trip spectacular. Everywhere we looked while hiking the view looked like a post card. We plan on returning to see more of … (>>>)

Climbing highest peak Romania

Hi Julian, Since my friends are still on the road, I want to say many thanks for hiking tour to Moldoveanu peak in the name of whole Lithuanian group. It was really amazing trip, the organization and guiding was on the top level. Best wishes to Horia, hope we’ll meet some time in the future either on foot or mtb !

With kind regards, Valdas Danielius & friends, Lithuania, August 2014… (>>>)

Mountain biking ride in Romania, Transylvania

These guys ensured we had a truly memorable experience in the Carpathians: a relatively untouched corner of Europe, steeped in history, with great scenery, varied rides on good trails, friendly people and comparatively low prices. Amazingly, we didn’t see a single other mountain biker during our trip in early June – the secret has to get out soon! We couldn’t fault the organisation: everything was well thought-out, yet with enough flexibility to allow changes / detours as we saw fit. Without a doubt, Horia was the be… (>>>)

Israeli group walking in Romanian mountains, Transylvania and more

חזרנו מטיול של 10 ימים בהרי הקרפטים ברומניה. טיול מיוחד ומקסים שנתפר עבורנו כחליפה אישית. כל מה שרצינו ראינו ועשינו, טיילנו ברגל בשבילי הרים ויערות, בלב נופים מופלאים, נדדנו בין בקתות הרועים לחוות האיכרים כשאנו טועמים מכל טוב הארץ, ביקרנו בארמונות ועיירות ציוריות, ובעיקר ח… (>>>)

Israeli walking trip in Romania

We just returned from a wonderful 10 day vacation in the Carpathian Mountains in Romania: A special, enchanting walking trip that was created especially for us, custom-made to our measurements. We saw and did everything we had planned, we walked in the mountains and the forests, through amazing landscapes, roving between alpine cabins, shepherds’ huts, and farms, tasted everything the country has to offer, visited castles and picturesque villages, and most of all – experienced the beauty and wonder of nature in the Carp… (>>>)

Five great days in The Carpathians, Romania

We are a family from Denmark of four, including two teenagers.

This was our first trip to Romania. Thankfully, a good friend had recommended that we ask Iulian Cozma to be our guide. This turned out to be a fantastic recommendation. We had some experience in trekking, but not in mountainous regions. Already before we left for Romania Iulian gave us very good advice concerning equipment. (Especially the walking poles where a godsend). Iulian’s advice before the trip was in every way very adequate and saved us a lot of trouble

We chose a … (>>>)

Der Höhepunkt unserer Reise: Eine nasse Wanderung im Bucegi-gebirge

Der Höhepunkt unserer Reise: Eine nasse Wanderung im Bucegi-gebirge

Eine erste sehr sonnige Urlaubswoche in Siebenbürgen liegt hinter uns. In der zweiten Woche unserer Reise haben wir eine dreitägige Wanderung in den Karpaten geplant. Ich, gebürtige Siebenbürgerin, will meinem Mann und unserem 6-jährigen Jüngsten zeigen, wo ich als Kind meine Ferien verbracht habe: Vorgesehen sind die Fogarascher Berge.

Julian Cozma, unserer Bergführer, erwartet uns morgens an der Hotelrezeption in Kronstadt. Es regnet. In den … (>>>)

Hiking with nos amis Belges, Transylvania, Romania

We were 5 men looking for some trekking adventure, and this is where we found it. The whole experience has been a success, the organization, our mountain guide Horia (excellent man!) and the trek in itself was just excellent. The Carpatthians are stunning mountains, with very different landscapes as you move from an area to another over the days. We’ll be back some day, that is for sure. And it will be with this organization: Thanks Iulian and Horia. The belgian bunch, Axel and friends, April 2014 – photo… (>>>)

Mountain biking in dream land

Mountain biking in Transylvania, Saxon villages

What an amazing time again with your team! Thank you for making us discover an other face of Roumania, we really enjoyed it very much. And again, I cannot stress enough how much your team is great, human, natural etc… I highly recommend Iulian Cozma’s team to any mountain/bike/culture lover! Roumania is an amazing country such as it’s inhabitants.

See you soon hopefully! :))) Eileen – photos here… (>>>)

Snow trip in Romania

Adding ten days of hiking in Transylvania to our down-the-Danube cycling trip Annabel and I sought to top off one adventure with another. Logically, our erratic way of communication should have led us straight into the desert, but thanks to Iulian’s golden patience we got golden Horia to take us through Postavaru, Piatra Craiului, Bucegi and Fagaras Mountains. A somewhat unseasonal snow storm greeted us upon arrival in Brasov October 1st. Our exceedingly wild expectations matched only by our exceedingly lacking equipmen… (>>>)