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Turisti in muntii Fagaras

Stimate Domnule Cozma, Iti multumim frumos de ajutorul si stima acordata catre noi. Am avut 4 zile de calatorit prin muntii Carpati si am ramas foarte multumiti de ocasia acordata noua. Totul a fost la un nivel SUPER organizat si petrecut. Cu placere om oferi sa se foloseasca de Fa. Julian Cozma cunoscutilor si prietenilor nostri care iubesc muntii. Dar si noi vom veni din cind in cind la Romania. Muntii Carpati sint mari si se poate urca din mai multe directii. Data viitoare dorim sa stam mai multe zile in tara. Vrem sa vedem Brasovul si im… (>>>)

US hiker in Romania Fagaras mountains

It’s hyperbole — but only a little — to say that all I knew about Romania before going in August 2006 could be summed up in three names: Dracula, Nadia Comaneci, and Nicolai Ceausescu. In large part, Romania has been a sphinx to me, and, I suspect, to many others in the West. When I announced this trip to friends, the first question I often received was “Why Romania?” Why, indeed? You would do well to put that question to Iulian Cozma, whose obvious love and pride for his native land made the week I spent under his guidance memorable … (>>>)

En Transylvanie et dans les Carpates méridionales

Nous avons fait en juillet 2006 un voyage de 9 jours avec Julian. Nous avons visité diverses cités et villages d’origine saxonne et roumaine (Brasov/ Kronstadt, Harman/Honigberg, Viscri/Deutsch-Weisskirch, Sighisoara/ Schässburg, Biertan/Birthalm, Villea Viilor/Wurmloch, Sibiu/ Hermannstadt, Carta/Kerz; Christian, le monastère de Sambata da Sus, le village d’Ucea et Sinaia). Les cités historiques et les églises fortifiées sont superbes et dans l’ensemble remarquablement conservées. Lors de notre … (>>>)

Profitez de la randonnée en Roumanie

Nous revenons juste d’une semaine de randonnee avec Iulian et sommes ravis: d’abord, Iulian est tres sympathique et c’est tres agreable d’etre avec lui. La conversation avec lui est tres interessante et il nous apprend beaucoup de choses “de l’interieur” sur la Roumanie. Ensuite, les Fageras sont des montagnes tres attachantes, encore tres sauvages. On y trouve ce qu’il n’est presque plus possible de voir en France ou en Suisse: d’immenses troupeaux de moutons, de vrais bergers, et des refuges tout a fait au… (>>>)

Bucegi, Piatra Craiului, Fagaras Gebirgstour

Lieber Julian, ich möchte mich für die 14 Tage in den Karpaten herzlich bedanken. Die Wanderungen durch die Berge waren ein wirklich beeindruckendes Erlebnis. Für uns aus dem norddeutschen Flachland war es toll so durch das fremde land geführt zu werden. Wir werden Dich gerne wieder besuchen und deine Führung geniessen. Durch dich haben wir mehr vom Land gesehen und erlebt, als wenn wir alleine die Wege gegangen wären. Auch waren unsere ausführlichen Diskussionen über Land, Leute und Politik wichtig, um Verständnis f… (>>>)

Fagaras Gebirgstour

Wir sind ein Ehepaar aus Norddeutschland. Wir verbrachten eine sehr eindrucksvolle Woche in Siebenbuergen, in welcher wir die Stadt Brasov/Kronstadt kennen lernten und eine Hochgebirgswanderung in den Fagerasch-Bergen machten. Bei dieser Wanderung wurden wir von Julian Cozma gefuehrt, und ohne seine Fuehrung haetten wir diese aufregende und anstrengende Wanderung nicht bewaeltigen koennen. Julian zeigte sich nicht nur als ein sehr erfahrener Leiter, der jeden Pfad und man kann sagen jeden Schritt in dieser Bergwelt ken… (>>>)

Enjoying hiking in Romania

Iulian was our guide for a trip in June, 2006. We can recommend him wholeheartedly. Iulian has the “Big 4″ characteristics of a great guide – safety first, – his client’s enjoyment 24/7, – an intimate knowledge of the area – and flexibility. From the moment we first made contact almost 2 years ago via email, Iulian has provided us with all the information we needed in a timely manner. As soon as we met, he quickly sized up the physical abilities of our group, our expectations and integrated that into the area we were headed to … (>>>)

Brithis ski tour in Romania

Transylvania : Cold Mountains, Culture and more… Andrew Kydd 25 Feb – 5 Mar 2006 – Eagle club journal. Having bumped into a kitted-up ski tourer on a previous non-skiing visit, Steve Gould had been researching a Romanian trip for some time. Enter Iulian Cozma (RMGA) who put together a complete package for us, and turned out to be a great guide, host and organiser, and a mine of local information ( The original plan was for day tours in three areas: the Bucegi massif, SW of Brasov, and huts in two different par… (>>>)

Polish hiker in Romania

Moldoveanu 10.06.2004, Piatra Craiului 31.03.2006. It was my second meeting with Julian. The first one was in June 2004, I was determinate to hiking to Moldoveanu and I had only two days to do it (break in the business trip). First of all I fall in sleep (it happened first time in my live) and we lost the train but it wasn’t a problem because Julian found another way of transportation. During the first day of tracking we had a very nice weather conditions but during the evening started to rain, during the night an early morning next day it wa… (>>>)

Telemarking in Balea Lac in Fagaras mountains

My name is Conny Linusson and I am from Sweden. For some years now I have been travelling to Romania in business and have been thinking about skiing in the Carpathians. Finally it come to a reality. Me and my girlfriend Marie decided to go skiing in February 2006. Since we both enjoy the adventure running in less crowded areas using seal skins the choice fell on Balea Lac. However, in such areas it is good to have an educated mountain guide that knows the area. When searching on the internet we got in contact with Iulian Cozma. After some mails … (>>>)