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Ski touring and free ride at Balea Lake in Romania

Skiing in Bale Lac, 2007. We are a group of Engineers from Sweden who like to try out new ski places in the world. After skiing in places in Norway, the US (Park City and Vail) we decided to try something new. Out of the blue came a suggestion, Romania. So Romania it was although most of us new very little about this country. To ski in Romania might seem to be far away. As it turned out, it didn’t take longer to get there then going to Norway to ski. Romania is known for its beautiful nature, however to our knowledge not very known for its skiing. Th… (>>>)

Skitouren in Rumänien mit einer österreichischen Gruppe

Die Reise hat uns sehr gut gefallen, organisatorisch perfekt. Auch die Skitouren – leider keine langen Abfahrten durch den massigen Schnee.

Franziska Rapp und Walter Cilecek, Wien – Austria – Ski tour, March 2007… (>>>)

Climbing Fagaras mountains

We enjoyed a fantastic trip hiking the mountains of Romania with Iulian Cozma in September 2006. Others have documented the beauty and rewards of climbing in this region, our comments are about Iulian. Iulian is a true professional who knows the mountains of Romania as only one who has spent years hiking and climbing there can. The behavior of the climate, terrain, trail, light, wind, fog, ice, and water are dynamically in his grasp at all times. This, together with his understanding of the skill and condition of the people hiking with … (>>>)

American hikers in Romania Fagaras mountain

Well in advance of a trip my wife, Susan, and I were planning to go to eastern Europe for some snowshoeing/winter hiking in Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary. We began looking for a guide. We are both experienced walkers and ordinairly don’t use guides or join groups because we enjoy the adventure of getting maps, guide books and the like to find our our own way. Because much of the geology in the areas we planned to visit includes limestone formations with caves and sink holes that could be hidden under snow, we opted to use a guide, at least o… (>>>)

Hiking in Retezat national park in Romania

Our trip in Romania during September, 2006 provided the perfect combination of cultural and hiking activities. I especially enjoyed hiking in the Fagaras Mountains to Varful Laitel and to and from the Podragu Cabana. All of the peaks in the Transylvanian Alps are spectacular. Highlights of the trip included lunch at your grandmother’s home and the farewell dinner in Bucharest. I also enjoyed visiting the towns of Sighisoara and Sibiu. There is so much wonderful history in such places. You are to be commended for organizing such a… (>>>)

South African hiker in Romania

In the late fall 2006 when I was on a business trip to Romania, I found I had a few days without any direct work activities, and I decided to try and book some hiking in the Carpathian Mountains, which I had always wanted to do. I found Iulian Cozma’s details on his web site, and in no time at all I had made contact and booked a short hiking trip with him. We met the day before, as arranged, in Brasov. I would like to say that immediately, any concerns that I had were alleviated by his very professional manner. The overriding impression that I rece… (>>>)

Weekendk hiking in Romania

Dear Iulian, I want to thank you for the wonderful day you arranged for me on Saturday. It was so much more than what I was expecting and I enjoyed every minute. I’m, looking foward to the next adventure. Best regards,

Heather Steil, Los Angeles, USA – 21 october 2006, Piatra Craiului Mountains hiking… (>>>)

Two days hiking in Fagaras mountains

I found Iulian through his website and asked him to put together a 2-day program of day hikes for my wife and me. Iulian proposed some hikes in the Fagaras range and made the logistics very easy so we could easily rendezvous with him in Bran. I am certainly comfortable hiking on my own in my own country but I know we were a little more confident in these mountains because we had a guide. The views were beautiful and the terrain was a good mix of alpine meadow and bare rock. Iulian is an excellent hiking companion and we never were at a loss for thing… (>>>)

Hikers in Retezat national park

The whole trip was fabulous. If we need to choose, certainly our top two highlights were the hikes from Cabana Balea Lac to Cabana Podragu and back. What glorious views in every direction! The grasses and wildflowers were lovely. It was fun hiking along the high ridges, slipping in and out of clouds. One minute, we were in warm sun; the next, we were almost hidden from view. Those two hikes are probably the most spectacular we have ever done anywhere. The hike from Lac Balea to Varful Laitel was lovely, too. That’s the first time I think we … (>>>)

American hikers in Romania

We have been on mountain treks in several countries, always with guides, and in varying degrees of difficulty and exposure. We were most pleased with Iulian Cozma’s services during our recent hike in Romania (early September, 2006). He is professional in every respect and always has the interest of the hikers in mind. Safety is the most important factor and this was shown on several occasions on our trip with him. Adequate food and water (bottled), comfort, and educational experiences were emphasized and enjoyed by all. We left Iu… (>>>)