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Karparten einmal ein Trekking / Wanderungen im September

Aufgrund unserer schon früh feststehenden Pläne, in den Karparten einmal ein Trekking / Wanderungen im September 2007 durchzuführen, nahmen wir im Dezember 2006 Kontakt auf mit Iulian Cozma, dessen Adresse wir über Internet fanden ( Schon bald konnten wir uns auf die Route / Preis etc. einigen, was auch unsere Planung, die darauf folgenden Wochen in Rumänien auf eigene Faust zu entdecken, vereinfachte. Iulian gelang es sehr bald uns durch seine kompetente Art, Vertrauen zu geben, dass auch wi… (>>>)

Backpacking in Romania

After travelling accross the breadth of europe by train from england we arrived in Brasov (close to the carpathian mountains) at 5:00 in the morning, bleary eyed and tired i jumped out of the train to meet a tall Romanian with a large and welcoming grin on his face. From the start he was great; inviting and informative speaking near perfect english and knowing a great deal about romanian culture. My first impressions of Iulian were positive and throughout the trip I learnt how steadfast, proffesional and experienced he was at mountaine… (>>>)

Climbing highest peak in Romania

I did a tour with Iulian to the Moldoveanu Peak in August 2007. The purpose of the trip was to reach the peak and Iulain recommended that we did it in two days – a good recommandation which gave us the chance of enjoying the beautiful environments of the Fagaras Mountains without going to slow or being exhausted. Unfortunately the weather was not very good on the day we went to the peak, but that did not stop us from making the top. Even though we did not see very much, the trip gave me a very good impression of the impressive Fagaras Mountains. … (>>>)

Backpacking Fagaras mountains

I trekked with Iulian, with the 5th Explorer scouts as a Doctor of the expedition in August 2007. It was a fantastic experience. Iulian was very professional. He organised everything over the weeks we were with him, including home stays and community work as we requested, which made for a very successful expedition. I would highly recommend him.

Dr Jeremy Evans, Little Walden, Essex, United Kingdom – – Fagaras traverse from Rudarita tu Suru, Augus 2007… (>>>)

Fagaras traverse with Cambridge students

We have recently returned from an Explorer Scout expedtion to Romania. Iulian co-ordinated a programme for 25 of us from the Perse School in Cambridge. After meeting us at the train station in Brasov at 6am, the group spent a weekend acclimatising before splitting into two groups. One headed into the Fagaras mountains with Iulian on a 7 day trek while the other stayed in his homevillage of Ucea de Sus with Romanian families. While we were there, we repainted the village school and were warmly welcomed by the local community. The groups s… (>>>)

Petroceltic CEO Brian O’Cathain hiking in Romania

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN I walked on a series of day walks guided by Iulian Cozma of the Step by Step Agency in Romania during July 2007. Iulian guided us for a number of day trips in the Brasov area. We were a party of three walkers, old friends who like to get into the hills from time to time. We found Iulian to be very reliable, a very pleasant and knowledgeable walking companion with a good knowledge of his routes, the countryside generally, and Romanian history and customs. Iulian had organised everything well in advance, and the trip itself … (>>>)

Cambridge hikers in Romania

Thank you Julian for the trek in Romania, it was truly an unforgettable experience. Now that I have had a week of school back in England I am beginning to appreciate how amazing the expedition was and how spectacular the scenary was. I am beginning to wish I was back in Romania now. Thank you especially for the panoramic photos, they are a good reminder of what we did. I hope all is well and the next group you take up into the mountains will enjoy themselves as much as we all have.

Tom Parker, Perse School – Cambridge, England – Fagaras trave… (>>>)

US musician hiking in Bucegi mountains

On August 4-6, 2007 my wife and I embarked on a hiking tour in Romania’s Bucegi Mountains led by mountain guide Iulian Cozma, from the Step by Step Agency in Brasov. Our tour took us from the Prahova valley town of Busteni up by cable car to the Babele Chalet, the Heroes Monument, Omu peak, and back to Babele for the night. On the second day we went from Babele past Omu and all the way down to the Bran area, where we stayed at a wonderful inn in the village of Simon called Inn on Balaban. On the third day, we saw the Bran Castle and took a brief tour of … (>>>)

First trip with Charlie in Romania

I’ve hired a few professional guides over the years and Iulian is by far the best and the nicest I’ve come across. He’s totally competent and professional, which is what you pay for and expect, but you don’t often get the feeling that your guide is enjoying the programme as much as you. Iulian goes way beyond the call of duty. I can’t fault him in any way, and we certainly tested him! On top of having such a congenial guide, the Carpathians are a wonderful combination of really wild mountain country like you probably can’t find a… (>>>)

Hiking in East Europe Romania

Full of energy, full of useful information, a fully tailored experience; this was our ideal guide for a time-starved trip through Romania. Iulian not only provides everything you’d hope, he is also an outstanding character. I don’t remember ever experiencing such charm and magnanimity from someone I previously didn’t know. I plan to return to the Carpathians for this very reason, and I cannot emphasise enough how much our mountain experience, and Romanian experience, was enjoyable directly due to Iulian’s assistance (… (>>>)