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Belgian hikers in Romania

We take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks for your efficient organisation of our Romanian mountain hiking tour . Be assured we were impressed by the variety of sceneries and the authenticity of the places you made us discover. Our expectations, both in terms of discovery of new horizons and of hiking challenge were more than fulfilled. Sometimes we arrived exhausted indeed, but satisfied by the result achieved: it was worth the while! Definitely, you gave us good reasons to feel our choice for the Transsylvanian Alps wa… (>>>)

Walking in country side of Romania

We just returned from an amazing 6 days of hiking tour in the Romanian mountains and any expectations that we had were well surpassed. There is so much beautiful countryside in the Bran county area of Romania, and having Iulian as a guide meant that we got to see the real way of life in this area (which in some cases has not changed for 100′s of years) rather than just the tourist sites and mapped trails. There were many hours of walking when we saw no people…just cows, sheep and horses. Iulian’s knowledge of the area is invaluable on a trip like … (>>>)

Kaos Club de muntanya Horta-Nord

Saludos desde KAOS Club de muntanya (Valencia). Hace unos días que estamos en Valencia después de haber hecho el trekking por Rumanía con vuestra excelente compañía. Nos habéis enseñado el espléndido paisaje de los Cárpatos y en primer lugar queremos agradecer vuestra paciencia con todos nosotros y vuestra hospitalidad. También agradecer la seguridad que nos habéis transmitido en el recorrido por las montañas de Rumanía que hasta el momento desconocíamos. Nos ha gustado descubrir y aprender con vosotros una parte de la cultura … (>>>)

Israeli hikers in Fagaras and Bucegi mountains

I had the pleasure of being guided by Iulian on a 12 day trip to Romania in September 2008. We were a group of 15 people from Israel wishing to combine walks through the ravishing scenery of the Carpathian Mountains with visits to some of the historical attractions of the area’s cities and towns (e.g. Brasov, Sibiu, Sighisoara, Bucharest). By leading a group of people no longer in the bloom of their youth, each with his personal requirements and desires, Iulian had taken on quite a job. Well, I must say, he did this with the utmost sense of di… (>>>)

Bucegi and Fagaras mountains traverse – August 2008

I am glad to write a testimonial about a trip that me and my wife had in Romania with Iulian, but first a few words about me and Romania. I have been a lot of times in Romania in my childhood, amassing country, amassing and very kind people (even at hard times – before 1989). At the beginning of 2008 I decided to have a trip with my wife in Romania around August, we decide that the trip will be a trek without courts but a lot of walking and will include the highest peak of Romania. The area of the trip I choose my self after a lot of reading about Romania a… (>>>)

Israeli hikers in Fagaras mountains

אני שמח לכתוב הקדשה\ עדות על טיול שערכתי ברומניה עם יוליאן כמדריך, אך קודם אקדים כמה מילים על היכרותי עם רומניה. בילדותי טיילתי מספר רב של פעמים ברומניה, ארץ מדהימה, נוף מדהים ואנשים נחמדים וטובי לב (גם בתקופות קשות – לפני 1989). בתחילת שנת 2008 החלטתי לצאת באזור אוגוסט עם אישתי לטיול ברומניה כשהכוונה היא טיול בעל אופי של מסע, ללא שינה באוהלים אך הליכות מרובות וטיפוס על הפסגה הגבוהה ברומניה. את האזורים לטיול החלטתי בעצמי תוך קריאה מעמיקה על רומניה. חיפשתי מדריך (לאו דווקא רומני) על מנת להדריך אותנו בהרים, לדאוג להסעות בקטעי הקישור ולדאוג ל… (>>>)

Germans hikers in Fagaras mountains

We, Karina (27) and Tom (33), are a couple from Germany and visited Romania from Nov. 08th until Nov. 17th, 2008. We traversed the Fagaras Mountains from East to West within 5 days. It was our first hike in the autumn and from our point of view one of the most beautiful trips we have ever made. However, the perfect weather conditions as well as our nice mountaineering guide, who knows his business thoroughly, were decisive for this successful holiday. Especially the last two days in Ucea de Sus village were a great experience for us. It was v… (>>>)

Walking in Bucegi mountains

My wife and I contracted with Iulian to put together a 10 day trek in the mountains of Romania in Sept 2008. We had hiked extensively but knew nothing of Romania and needed some guidance on how to cover the best areas effectively in that amount of time and also to arrange overnights (huts, inns, small hotels). We didn’t need a guide- just guidance. Iulian did all of that and more. The self–guided trek he put together for us exactly met our needs and the planning and follow- through was faultless. We were extremely impressed with the level of p… (>>>)

Israeli in Romania

לפני כחודש חזרנו (קבוצה של 15 אנשים) מטיול של 12 ימים ברומניה, טיול שמטרתו הייתה לשלב בין טיולים בהרי הקרפטים היפיפיים של רומניה, לבין ביקורים באתרים ה”קלאסיים” שבערי רומניה : ברשוב, סיביו, סיגישוארה, בוקרסט. יוליאן לקח על עצמו משימה לא פשוטה, להוביל קבוצה לא קטנה של אנשים, שעברו לא מכבר את גיל הנעורים, כל אחד עם הדרישות והמגבלות שלו ועשה זאת בכישרון, דיפלומטיות , והרבה רגישות. ראינו נופים מדהימים, התארחנו בפנסיונים ובתי מלון שרמתם לא תבייש אף את אלה שבשוויץ או באוסטריה, טיפסנו לפסגות אליהן לא הינו מגיעים לעולם, אילולא היה זה עם מדריך מ… (>>>)

climbing Moldoveanu peak in Fagaras mountains

Greetings, I recently took a rugged full two-day trekking/climbing tour (shoulda done it in three days if I had the time) with him in the Fagaras mountains and it was outstanding. I was impressed with his level of knowledge of the area as well as the fact that he very well knew many of the people that offered services in the area. At the end of the tour I felt as if the fee he charged was low for the quality of service he provided. I told Iulian exactly what I wanted to accomplish on my trip (climbing the highest mountain in Romania in a weekend) and … (>>>)