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Die Besteigung des Moldoveanu gipfel

Die Besteigung des Moldoveanu

In den rumänischen Karpaten: Die Besteigung des Moldoveanu von der Podragu-Hütte aus.

Der Moldoveanu mit Iulian Cozma in zwei Tagen (September 2009) Für Westler liegt Rumänien etwas ‘grau’ im Osten, das trägt – wie bei jeder ernsteren Bergtour – zur Spannung bei, wird alles klappen oder bleibt der Gipfel fern? Weil Iulian englisch spricht, seine Frau und Mitarbeiterin Rosana deutsch, werden alle Unklarheiten schon in der Vorbereitung per Email bedacht. Dieser prima Service bleibt während der ganze… (>>>)

Die Fagaras Gratwanderroute

Die Fagaras Gratwanderroute

Greetings! below you may see some photos from the last tour from 2009 season, when I climbed Moldoveanu peak, without snow. The tour was in middle part of September, 14-20, and start from Balea Lac chalet. The weather was not the best one, but as you may read below, we were lucky with a good weather on the day when we climb Moldoveanu peak. So, one more time me and my guest, we were lucky with great weather on the day when we climbed Moldoveanu peak! Enjoy the photos, Iulian Cozma

Die Fagaras Gratwanderroute bietet fant… (>>>)

The Dilettante Society hiking trip

The Dilettante Society hiking trip in Romania

We had a marvellous 6 –day trek in the beautiful Carpathian mountains of Transylvania, mostly at an altitude of 1800 – 2500 meters. The landscape is beautiful and varied, with impressive forest at lower altitude and alpine as one gets higher. Wildlife is plentiful. We saw chamois on several occasions, came across fresh bear droppings and wild boar tracks. The trails are good and well maintained. The terrain can be quite challenging but still well within the abilities of a bunch of fairly fit 50 – 60 year olds. We were lucky with the weath… (>>>)

Vandring i Rumänien

Vandring i Rumänien

Thanks to Iulian Cozma , my cousin Britt and I had a fantastic and eventful week in Romania from the 19th to the 26th of September. On the first day , in the Bucegi Mountains, the sky was clear and the sun was shining as it did throughout the week. From Sinaia we took the cable car 700 m up till we were above the tree line. It was barren and cold, so we had to put on our hats and gloves. We walked 300 very long meters up to Omu Peak. Here we sat, in the sun, in front of a wooden cottage where one could buy soup, coffee and very sweet tea, and enjoyed the view ov… (>>>)

Walking in Transylvania

Hello! below you may see some photos from my last tour from 2009 season. It was October, and the snow came to early in most of the areas of Romania, so the initial plan was changed few times. But as you may see, the tour was a successful one!

Kind regards, Iulian Cozma 25 November 2009

Dear Iulian, you definitely deserve this! Sorry that it’s US currency – we didn’t have enough lei and we couldn’t find any banks in the Danube Delta. But you can send this directly to B&H photo … We hoped that our guide in the mo… (>>>)