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Wandern in Rumänien, Wandern in Siebenbürgen Bergdörfer


to be very honest my knowledge  about German language are not so great, I mean I can say that I speak some German, as basic conversation, but unfortunately for the moment I’m not able to lead a Walking & culture (Wandern und Kultur) tour on our nice mountain villages, but I think that I manage this type of tour very well in English 😉 Luckily Erika and Marcel spoke English, and like this we enjoyed our tour 🙂

My guests on middle of May, 16-21 May, were coming from Berlin, Erika and Marcel, and as you may see from phot… (>>>)

Walking trip in Romania


in middle of April was a really winter in South East part of Transylvania, but after 10 days all the snow, like 1 meter, was gone and the terrain was just dry as nothing was there with one week before. Together with a Danish person, I did a 5 days walking tour on the high hills between Bucegi and Piatra Craiului mountains. Weather was good, not completely blue sky, but was ok. Below you may see some photos from our tour.

Kind regards, Iulian Cozma… (>>>)

Walking in Romania, walk with Crumblies Walking Club

Crumblies in Bucegi Mountains – Having walked and climbed in India, Africa, Slovakia, Czech Republik, Morocco and all over the UK, Crumblies Walking Club (UK) turned their attentions to Romania in early October 2010. We have had a terrific holiday and walking adventure in the Bucegi Mountains and the hills of Bran and Prahova, all thanks to Iulian Cozma and the team at Iulian Cozma outdoor adventures! An ideal programme for a group of 16 walkers of mixed abilities, with just the right blend of tough and steady routes to keep us entert… (>>>)

Wandern Reisen in Karpaten

Greetings! some photos from end of September, 18-25 September 2010, from a tour with a small group from Südtirol, in South East part of Transylvania, in Bucegi mountains, Ciucas mountains, and on the high hills of Piatra Craiului and Bran county. After almost 30 cm of fresh snow at the begin of September, we were very lucky with the weather, and the tour was a success!

Warm regards, Iulian Cozma… (>>>)

Hiking in Romania, hiking in Transylvanian Apls

At middle of September I was guiding Trudy and John on Fagaras mountains, for a classic tour in Transylvanian Alps: climbing the top three highest peaks, Moldoveanu 2544 m, Negoiu 2535 m and Vistea Mare 2527 m high.

They came here from Virginia, USA, to visit a friend in a small village near Turda, and they have some days free for a tour! We were very lucky with the weather, and our tour goes very well, as you may see on the photos below!

Kind regards, Iulian Cozma

Testimonial: As many others have said, Iulian provides an excellent program, an… (>>>)

Kammwanderung in Rumänien

Geführt von Iulian Cozma wanderten 10 Mitglieder des Pfälzerwald Vereins Ortsgruppe Worms in den Südkarpaten vom 06. – 15. August 2010

Wir flogen mit Austrian Airlines von Frankfurt über Wien nach Hermanstadt (Sibiu) und zurück. Die Wanderung begann von der Poiana Neamtului und ging über die Barcaciu-Hütte, Negoi-Hütte, Balea-Lac-Hotel, Podragu-Hütte und endete in Victoria-Stadt.

Eines der Höhepunkte war die Besteigung des Moldoveanu-Gipfels (2545 m) des höchsten Berges der rumänischen Karpaten.

Auße… (>>>)

Bergwandern, Natur und Kultur in Siebenburgen

Mit den Wünschen: „Bergwandern, aber auch Städte und Kultur innerhalb  einer Woche ein wenig kennen lernen“, wandten wir uns an Iulian, mit dem ein Teilnehmer aus unserer Gruppe vor sechs Jahren schon gute Erfahrungen gemacht hatte. Umgehend erhielten wir Antwort mit einem von Iulian geplanten Programm. Kleine Änderungswünsche von unserer Seite wurden sofort und problemlos von ihm aufgenommen und umgesetzt. So kamen wir auf drei Tage Bergwandern unter seiner Betreuung in den Fargaras Mountains, mit Besteigung de… (>>>)

Happiness of hiking

It’s quite possible that a vacation in Romania might pose some challenges for the average American tourist, especially when planning to visit castles, monasteries, and historical towns, as well as complete a 4-night hut-to-hut hiking traverse of the Fagaras Mountains. Challenging, that is, unless your trip is in the capable hands of Iulian Cozma. From our pickup at the Bucharest airport to our 4:30 a.m. departure back to the airport 10 days later, every step of our trip was handled by Iulian with the utmost efficiency and car… (>>>)

Walking in Romania


Walking in Romania is a great experience because of the untouched areas where you can walk! Off the beaten paths is the way how you will walk in Romania, and be sure that this is the right way to enjoy a holiday!

I did this walk a lot of times, with a lot of guests from all over the world, and I enjoy it all the times! Is one of the most beautiful areas from South East of Transylvania, where you can discover the real rural life of Romania, meting local people and why not enjoying  nature! Enjoy some photos from my last tour there!

Kind reg… (>>>)

Rhododendron hiking tour in Fagaras mountains


I was hiking for the first time on Dragus north ridge with my father, back on summer on summer of 1988… and I still have good memories! We start our hike from Breaza village, on the old border between Austro-Hungarian empire and Romania, climbing up to Traznita cliffs on Cataveiu ridge, and descending from Cheia Bandei peak to Valea Sambetei hut.

I remember that was a strong rainy day, and we slept on the corridor of Sambata valley, on some wet mattresses…. Was not a easy hike, and was not a easy night for a teenager o… (>>>)