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Ski touring in Bucegi mountains


well, I can say that was a great weekend for a ski tour in Bucegi mountains, and it was. Even if at 7 AM were -25 Celsius, during the day was just nice to be outside on snow. And was enough snow, even that on the main ski resorts from Romania snow is still missing!

Saturday I was with 2 friends skiing on West part of Bucegi mountains, and we really enjoy this! Sunday morning I went up to Bucegi plateau to meet my wife Rosana, and Mihai and Alex went to Omu peak to ski down on Cerbului valley. They had a nice ski descent on Cerbului valley towa… (>>>)

Winter hiking in South West of Transylvania

Greetings! at the begin of January 2011, together with 4 young persons, I did a nice winter hike on the hills situated between Piatra Craiului and Bucegi mountains, on South East part of Transylvania. They celebrate the New Year’s Eve in Bucharest, then travel to Predeal and Brasov, and were start our tour on morning of  4th of January. Our tour was a easy walking and hiking tour, but quite long I can say, because daily we cover a distance of approximate 20 km, from one location to other.

And like this, we start from Zarnesti town goi… (>>>)

O che bello! – mountain biking in Romania, South East of Transylvania

O che bello! – mountain biking in Romania

One year after spending a ski-touring week in the Bucegi and Făgăraş, Mario kept his promise of returning to the Romanian mountains. Together with five friends from Switzerland and Italy, this time he came for six days of pedaling on the dirt roads and trails of the mountains near the city of Braşov.

Combining my long experience in organizing tours for mountaineers from all over the world with Horia’s comprehensive knowledge of the mountain biking routes around Braşov, we p… (>>>)

Tourenskifahren in den Karpaten, Rumanien

Tourenskifahren in den Karpaten


Most of the time we depend by the weather condition, and even we had big powder snow on beginning of March, the visibility was not the best! We skied on Ialomita valley on good snow but not good visibility, then we moved on west part of Bucegi. The last day was in Poiana Brasov, with some forest skiing. Below are some images from Bucegi and Postavaru mountains! Kind regards, Iulian Cozma

Testimonial – Vom 7. bis 12. März 2010 war ich zum Tourenskifahren in den Karpaten. Mit Julian hatten wir einen Bergführer, der nicht n… (>>>)

Sci alpinismo in Romania

Sci alpinismo in Bucegi monti

Greetings! Between February 27 and March 5th I was skiing with a group of 6 persons from Lecco, Italy! As usual we were luck with the weather, and we can do the program what we agree, mostly because of the very good quality of the snow. Even if it was just the begin of March the snow was almost firn, that type of spring snow.

Kind regards, Iulian Cozma

Testimonial –

Con il tour della Romania concludiamo il trittico di scialpinismo dei Paesi dell’Est,che ci ha visti prima in Slovacchia,Bulgaria,ed infine … (>>>)

Ski touring in Bucegi mountains

Ski touring in Bucegi mountains

Greetings to all!

On the weekend of 20-21 February 2010, I was on a short ski tour in Bucegi mountains, with another 5 persons, from France and Switzerland, all of them working in Bucharest.  We were really lucky with the weather, as usual 🙂 Saturday even if it was blue sky, the cable cars from Sinaia was not working because of the strong wind at 2000 meters high, so finally we arrived at Cota 1400, and from there we start to climb on skis and skins. The climb and the rest of the day was really nice, warm and sunny, and the last ski descent on Pl… (>>>)

Snowshoeing in Bran

Walking in Dracula country

On February 2009 it was a period when was snowing like in fairy tales. All was white and it was a pleasure to be out there taking some nice photos. The tour was in the area of Bran castle, in Simon and Poarta villages. Is a beautiful area for moderate hill walking, and a very nice area for those who love to take photos on the nature. Iulian Cozma(>>>)

Snowboarding in Romania

Snowboarding in Romania

This week of February 2009 was maybe not the best for snowboarding, but some days were great. Powder snow and visibility at Balea Lake in Fagaras mountains, give us the possibility to have some nice rides on Balea valley or on Lady valley. The tours before Fagaras mountains were in Poiana Brasov and Ciucas mountains. The snow was great but the wind and fog were quite heavy, so the pleasure was not at maximum. After Fagaras mountains we drive to Sinaia ski resort, and unfortunately for 2 days we were on lower clouds, without too many options … (>>>)