Backpacking Fagaras mountains

If you want to backpack in the Transylvania Alps there is no better guide to go with than Iulian Cozma! In every way, from beginning to end Iulian is fun, reliable, skilled, trustworthy and kind. Right from the start, during the email process of figuring out dates, itinerary, and equipment I could feel Iulian’s warmth and knowledge coming through the internet.

During the trip he was the perfect guide, showing us bears from a distance, spotting snakes on the trail, telling us about the history of the trail and his country and region. He was expert at negotiating the steep and sometimes scrambly Fagarash trail, steadily motivating us and supporting us through some tricky steep snow fields.

Iulian Cozma, even helped us arrange other trip details including hotels and taxis and train tickets! He also took fabulous pictures of us in the scenic landscapes we were backpacking! There is no one else you want to travel with. So grateful and blessed to have had such a magical trip with the perfect guide. With Iulian, you can not go wrong.

Ana Wolf, Wortington, State of Massachusetts, USA, June 2013 – photos here