Month: Thursday July 31st, 2014

Israeli walkers in Carpathian garden, Romania

Few years ago, an Israeli hiker told me: you can leave me here, near this river, and I just stay to look at the running water for hours or days! What we need is green forest and running water! And Paz was right! Almost every year a group of Israeli nature lovers choose to hike or bike with us. And each time we are surprised how “hungry” for nature they are. The weather is not so important if they are out in back-country, even if is rainy or beautiful sunny day, because they are enjoying every moment of their holiday in our Carpathian g… (>>>)

Mtb experience in Romania, Brasov area mountains

One of the many reasons to enjoy very much what we are doing is the chance to meet interesting and diverse people. Everybody we hike/bike/ski with, shares the same love for the mountains, still each group remains unique in its own way.

The last biking group we had was from Germany. It was surprising to see their equipment, following a week of biking with a group of Swedes pretty much up to date with everything related to mountain biking gear – and not just gear. Our four German friends were made from a different fabric: more than 10 yea… (>>>)

Single trail mtb in the mountains around Brasov City, Romania

We’ve been biking with our Swedish friends on the trails around Brasov for three years now and it just keeps getting better. The boys are a joy to watch, a continuous source of inspiration and awe. Their bmx origin is pretty obvious when you see them biking, and the combination of pure biking skills with a proper mountain-trail equipment and scenery simply works wonders.

For us it’s also a perfect opportunity not just to learn, but also to search for new trails. And we are happy to inform you that the possibilities are pretty … (>>>)

Mountain biking ride in Romania, Transylvania

These guys ensured we had a truly memorable experience in the Carpathians: a relatively untouched corner of Europe, steeped in history, with great scenery, varied rides on good trails, friendly people and comparatively low prices. Amazingly, we didn’t see a single other mountain biker during our trip in early June – the secret has to get out soon! We couldn’t fault the organisation: everything was well thought-out, yet with enough flexibility to allow changes / detours as we saw fit. Without a doubt, Horia was the best … (>>>)

Israeli group walking in Romanian mountains, Transylvania and more

חזרנו מטיול של 10 ימים בהרי הקרפטים ברומניה. טיול מיוחד ומקסים שנתפר עבורנו כחליפה אישית. כל מה שרצינו ראינו ועשינו, טיילנו ברגל בשבילי הרים ויערות, בלב נופים מופלאים, נדדנו בין בקתות הרועים לחוות האיכרים כשאנו טועמים מכל טוב הארץ, ביקרנו בארמונות ועיירות ציוריות, ובעיקר חשנו ברגלינו את יופיו של הטבע המופלא בהרי הקרפטים. כל זה לא היה מתאפשר לנו בשלמות כזו אלמלא התלווה אלינו המדריך שלנו יוליאן קוסמה מרומניה. את הקשר עימו יצרנו עוד בארץ. ביקשנו שיתאים טיול ל 8 חברים בני כ-50 שמבקשים לחוות את נופיה של רומניה ברגליים, אבל יחד עם זאת ליהנות מ… (>>>)

Israeli walking trip in Romania

We just returned from a wonderful 10 day vacation in the Carpathian Mountains in Romania: A special, enchanting walking trip that was created especially for us, custom-made to our measurements. We saw and did everything we had planned, we walked in the mountains and the forests, through amazing landscapes, roving between alpine cabins, shepherds’ huts, and farms, tasted everything the country has to offer, visited castles and picturesque villages, and most of all – experienced the beauty and wonder of nature in the Carpat… (>>>)

Five great days in The Carpathians, Romania

We are a family from Denmark of four, including two teenagers.

This was our first trip to Romania. Thankfully, a good friend had recommended that we ask Iulian Cozma to be our guide. This turned out to be a fantastic recommendation. We had some experience in trekking, but not in mountainous regions. Already before we left for Romania Iulian gave us very good advice concerning equipment. (Especially the walking poles where a godsend). Iulian’s advice before the trip was in every way very adequate and saved us a lot of trouble

We chose a 5-… (>>>)

Wildflowers walk in Transylvania, active family holiday in Romania

As usual on each year I do I walk on backyard of Brasov, the high hills of Rucar Bran pass. This year I enjoyed this walk together with a Danish family, which were astonished by our nature, and not the last, by our wild flowers. This year was something special, because until begin of July was pretty rainy, and all over we saw beautiful and interesting wild flowers. Enjoy the photos! Iulian Five great days in The Carpathians We are a family from Denmark of four, including two teenagers. This was our first trip to Romania. Thankfully, a good fri… (>>>)