Month: Wednesday January 22nd, 2014

Drumetie la munte, traversarea crestei Făgărașului, 19-26 Iulie 2014

Va invitam intr-o tura clasica in Romania, traversarea crestei Fagarasului. O traversare integrala, incepar de la granita cu Parcul National Piatra Craiului si pana in Sebesul de Sus, aproape de Valea Oltului. Este o tura care se adreseaza persoanelor care au mai fost pe munte, care sunt obisnuite cu mai multe zile consecutive de drumetie, dar si incepatorilor entuziasti. Numarul maxim de persoane este de 6, care vor fi insotite de un ghid montan cu experienta in astfel de ture, si bun cunoscator al traseului. Cazarea se va face in re… (>>>)

Weekend la ski de tura, Padina, Bucegi, 28-30 Martie

Loc de desfășurare: Padina, Valea Ialomitei, Muntii Bucegi

Perioadă: 28-29-30 Martie 2014

Nivel pregatire: mediu spre avansat

Transport: participanții își asigură transportul la și de la locul de desfășurare. Cu masina se poate ajunge pe ruta Sinaia – satul Glod – Padina.

Durată: sosire Vineri seara, plecare Duminică dupa-amiaza

Cazare/Masă: – cină Vineri seara – mic dejun, pachet de prânz și cină Sâmbătă – mic dejun, pachet de prânz Duminică – toate mesele sunt cu preparate din sa… (>>>)

Tabără tehnică MTB cross country all-mountain în Țara Branului

Organizatori: și Instructori: Mihai Constantenec (ghid montan AGMR și ghid mtb cu specializare în Austria) și Horia Mărușcă (ghid montan AGMR).

Loc de desfășurare: pensiune în satul Poarta, comuna Bran, județul Brașov

Perioadă: 27-28 Septembrie 2014; sosire sâmbătă dimineața, plecare duminică seara.

Transport: participanții își asigură transportul la și de la locul de desfășurare

Cazare/Masă: – mic dejun, pachet de prânz și cină Sâmbătă – mic dejun, pachet de prânz Dumi… (>>>)

Snow trip in Romania

Adding ten days of hiking in Transylvania to our down-the-Danube cycling trip Annabel and I sought to top off one adventure with another. Logically, our erratic way of communication should have led us straight into the desert, but thanks to Iulian’s golden patience we got golden Horia to take us through Postavaru, Piatra Craiului, Bucegi and Fagaras Mountains. A somewhat unseasonal snow storm greeted us upon arrival in Brasov October 1st. Our exceedingly wild expectations matched only by our exceedingly lacking equipmen… (>>>)

Vater und Sohn Expedition durchs Moldoveanu gipfel

Ein unvergessliches Erlebnis war für uns die 3 Tagestour durchs Sambata Tal auf den Moldoveanu. Es begann damit, dass Julian mit uns professionell für die Expedition einkaufen ging und wir den Inhalt unserer Rucksäcke überprüften. Zum Glück, denn wir konnten gemeinsam noch überflüssiges Gewicht reduzieren. Das war auch nötig, denn der erste Tag , Aufstieg von 1800 Höhenmetern bis zum Refugio auf dem Portita Vistei Sattel auf 2310 m war ganz schön anstrengend. Unvergessliche Ausblicke über weite Täler, Julian berichtete uns ke… (>>>)

Swiss hikers enjoy hiking in Fagaras mountains

I can’t say much that hasn’t been written down by Eileen previously.

Horia, your words affect me so much! They reflect how I feel and felt: an unique discover of romanian people, history and lands. I felt that we were in the right place at the right moment: just staying in an extatic state of mind. A big thank again for your sense of humor and your humanity as well for your sharp knowledge of the mountains, their environment and for the many hints and tips you gave us.

Finally, I’ve to say thanks to you too, Iulian, for your fast answers and you or… (>>>)

I spent eight fully magically & excited days in Romania

Dear Iulian,

My father, my brother and I spent eight fully magically & excited days in Romania during the last September with Horia’s accompany and guidance, I will be glad to share with you our great experience, but first I wish to thanks you from the bottom of my heartת for more than two years of friendship, since the moment we first contacted you, and till the travel while we could always feel your fingerprint.

Horia, our hiking guide, opened for us a window to Romania, every day he leaded us professionally at Bucegi, Fagaras … (>>>)

Israeli family hiking in Fagaras mountains

יוליאן היקר, אבי, אחי ואנוכי בילינו שמונה ימים מרגשים וקסומים ברומניה במהלך ספטמבר האחרון, בהדרכתו של הוריה.

לפני שאני אחלוק איתך את החווייה שעברנו, אני מבקש להודות לך מעומק ליבי על למעלה משנתיים של ידידות,

שנוצרה החל מהפעם הראשונה שנוצר ביננו הקשר ועד לטיול, בו יכולנו לחוש בכל רגע את טביעת האצבע שלך.

הוריה, מדריך ההרים שליווה אותנו, פתח לנו צוהר לרומניה, בכל יום הוא הוביל אותנו במקצועיות בשבילי ההרים –

בוצ’גי, פאגארש ופיאטרה מאר, ואיפשר לנו הצצה ליופיה של מדינתכם.

בהתאם לניסיונו, הוא הבין במהירות את הרצונות והצרכים שלנו, … (>>>)

This year it was to be the Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania Romania

A thirteen strong group of us, all keen mountaineers, from various parts of Ireland have been for the past number of years, taking a week out in early September to trek another new destination for us across the mountains of Europe.This year it was to be the Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania,Romania.

After some research earlier in the year it was decided, due to the limited time we had, seven days, that we should the services of a local guide. Iulian was to be our guide for the week.

The service that Iulian provided was second to none and I … (>>>)

Die einwöchige Bergtour im Fagaras Anfang August 2013 war für uns etwas ganz Großes, ein einmaliges Erlebnis

Die Auf- und Abstiege waren sehr anstrengend, manchmal hart am Limit, aber die großartige Landschaft, die große Aussicht hat uns nach jeder Strapaze belohnt. Es hat Spaß gemacht, auch weil das Wetter sich in der Woche nur von seiner besten Seite zeigte.

In den Cabanas hat es uns ebenfalls gefallen; man erlebt, dass man ohne Luxus leben kann, z.B. kalt duschen oder zu siebent in einem Zimmer schlafen. Es ging alles reibungslos.

Mit Horia hatten wir einen guten Bergführer, der seinen Job souverän und geduldig absolvierte. In den Unter… (>>>)