Month: Wednesday September 25th, 2013

Fagaras ridge traverse, andurance hiking in Romania

I’m not sure how to say this, but sometimes words are not enough to describe the pleasure of meeting some people or, even more, taking tours on the mountains with them. I was speechless after I met Arnon and crossed most of the Fagaras ridge with him, in just two days. I did this tour many times before, not as fast as now, but I enjoyed it every single time! I was speechless to see how much a person can enjoy a tour like this and how much fun such a tour can be!

First, I planned this trip together with Tiberiu from Bucharest, who said he was fit enough f… (>>>)

Die Lehren des Berges, Rumänien, Bergwandern in Fagaras und Bucegi

Die Lehren des Berges,

Ich erinnere mich gerne an die Tage mit Sören, seine zwei Söhne und seinen Neffe im Fogarasch- und Bucegi-Gebirge zurück. Die Fogarasch Gebirge sind nicht leicht aber sehr schön und benötigen viel energie um kennen lernen zu werden. Natürlich, deswegen man muss sich auch viel wünschen sie kenen zu lernen. Im Gegenzug bieten sie atemberaubende landschaften an und zusätzlich auch eine besondere Lebenserfahrung die man im alltag mitübertragen und benutzen kann. Deshalb sind die Rumänischeberge eine richti… (>>>)

Hiking in Carpathian mountains, Romania, Fagaras range

When the going gets tough, the tough get going

Almost 30 years after a first attempt at doing the Fagaras mountains main ridge, Thomas and his wife came to Romania this July to finish the business. That first try ended shortly after starting, because of an unexpected snow. This time the weather was much better, with lots of sun and mild temperatures. The trek proved to be demanding non-the-less, with lots of technical ascents and descents, with long hours of marching along trails sometimes pretty exposed ridges.

Thomas and his wife wer… (>>>)

Die Bergtour in den rumänischen Bergen, vier Freundinnen aus Bayern

We, four ladies from Bayern/Germany, have spent unforgettable holidays in Transylvania thanks to our mountain guide Iulian Cozma. Our tour started with a warm-up tour over the hills from Moeciu de Sus and Simon followed by moderated tours over the Bucegi Mountain and Piatra Craiului National Park. Before we started climbing the Fagaras Mountains from the town Victoria. We spent two nights at the Podragu chalet and from there we climbed on the top of Moldoveanu and Vistea peaks.

From the beginning, with the first email contact with I… (>>>)

Natural trails on mountain bike, South East of Transylvania, Romania

After a mountain biking week, being in the mountains with Sigge’s friends, I realized how great it is to be fit and to be able to try everything on the bike in the mountains. This time I learned another lesson. With the group from Steven, I was amazed to observe how the people, when fit enough, are enjoying the Romanian natural trails. It’s interesting and I’m sure the trails which are build for moutainbiking are very nice but I think the natural ones are something special. Of course they are more demanding and as one of my guests was sa… (>>>)

Beautiful walking tour in Romania, spring flower tours

What I can say, was one of the nicest spring tour from weather and photography point of view. I was many times walking on this area, but I don’t remember so many flowers as I saw during this tour. And the same surprise for Inge from Belgium, who choose to have a holiday of almost two weeks in Romania. Inge, I think was worthed to choose Romania as your holiday destionation!

I think the photos can tell you more stories then me 😉 Enjoy the photos, Iulian, August 2013 (>>>)

Excursiones de senderismo y culturales en Rumania

Cuando un grupo de españoles de la segunda edad viene a Rumanía para hacer senderismo y visitas culturales es un buen agüero 😉 Tengo mucho gusto en conocer personas desde todos los rincones del mundo, pero no puedo decir que no he ido en las montañas con españoles antes, pero tenía una sospecha que este grupo iba a ser uno especial. O más especial. Y así fue. Comenzando con la comunicación antes de la excursión hasta la alegría que leía en las caras de los participantes durante los recorridos en Bucegi, Baiului, Piatra Mare o Fagaras. Una al… (>>>)